Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Outfit of the day: All that glitters is gold..

Since the weekends are the only times I get to wear non worky clothes, I try and dress ‘nicely’ even though some days I would love nothing more than a pair of trackies and a hoody!!

Sunday gone (I promise I will become more regular/on time with these) I went for a smart casual look (well I think I did anyway)! Please link me your ootd posts as I love a good nose!
Lace shirt: Pennys/ Primark
Jeggings: Pennys/ Primark
Boots: River Island here €80/£60

In love with these, best birthday present

Watch: MK Rose Gold 5263
Necklace: Pennys / Primark
Owl Ring: Pennys / Primark






Let me know your thoughts!!!