Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Weddings via pinterest no.7 - Photo Ideas

We all know the importance of capturing the precious moments in out lives, and none more precious than the ones you will take on your wedding day.
My good friend put together a list of the shots she wanted captured, and although she was tired of smiling and posing at the end of the day, it was def worth the sore jaws for the magnificent shots that were caught.
Here are some photos that I collected from Pinterest that I thought captured great memories.
For the leading man or lady in your life, now thats a wallet photo!!
Naughty but nice!
The all important dress:

Pinned Image

Dont corrupt the flower girl!

Pinned Image
origionally pinned by
Great group shot!

Any other photos ideas??
Có x

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  1. Love the last 2 they're funny :) There's a lovely one floating around pinterest with all 3 generations of ladies - the bride, her mam & her nan all holding their rings out and it's lovely :)


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