Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body Positive – STOP putting yourself down..

As a general rule us women seem to be more than willing to put ourselves down, and mainly re: the way we look. I for example do not know how to take a compliment at all, like it embarrasses the hell out of me, instead of just saying thank you, I always counteract the compliment with a silly comment like ‘ah sure i just threw it on’, or ‘are you kidding, the state of me sure’. We all do it, and I know we do cause when I pay someone a compliment I get the very same reactions.

Well I think its about high time we gave ourselves a break and started to say ‘thank you’ when someone pays us a compliment. Repeat after me: THANK YOU!!!

I think after watching this video from Dove you will understand more where I am going with this, but basically STOP looking for the negative traits in yourself, they are NOT negative to the outside world. Everyone is unhappy with some part of the body/face etc., but the outside world doesn't view you this way. The outside world will notice your beautiful smile rather than that one teeny weeny spot, they will notice your amazing sense of style and not your ‘frizzy’ hair. 

Lets face it, there will always be a few aholes in the world who are more than willing to slag off people behind their backs, but they are just sad little people who are very very INSIGNIFICANT in the bigger picture. Be happy with who you are, and if that is not all of you, be happy with the bits you are happy about. I can guarantee this will radiate off you and become infectious.

Dove have done a FANTASTIC job with this and I really hope it makes a positive impact on us all. Bravo Dove, bravo!! You certainly made me rethink how I look at myself!

Stop hating/disliking yourself, and be proud of who you are.  (isn't this exactly what you would say to your friends, so take a spoon of your own medicine)

Có x


  1. Hear, hear Co. I do try to say thank you if someone gives me a compliment but it's hard!

    1. We are all so hard on ourselves, and should really cop on and say thank you :)

  2. I absolutely love this post Co. In fact I was nearly in tears watching the Dove video. I have spent many years battling self esteem issues and always criticise my weight, my looks and my features. It has taking many years and a bit of growing up but at 25 and at my most heaviest, I am actually the most happy I have been with the way I look. Weird the way it works. A few years back my sister told me to talk each compliment as it was and stop putting myself down and just say 'thank you'. I try very hard to do it. Every so often I still go back to my old ways but generally I try not to.

    1. Its mad they way we hand out compliments no bother but do not take them from people so easily x


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