Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dove Difference

  A few weeks ago I attended the Dove Difference event in the Merrion Hotel thanks to Sarah @ Thinkhouse PR.

Dove were showcasing their new products in four seperate 'stations' as such. Carter Beauty were also on hand to give mani's and there was a hairdresser to show us how to get a 60 second upstyle!

First off I had my skin tested for moisture levels, they were ok suprisingly!! But after applying some moisturiser I was tested again and the level of moisture increased.
"Dove contains unique deep care complex. The lotions even deliver nutrients in your skin for ten days"

Next stop was hair care. I have always loved dove hair products it reminds me of holidays for some reason!! I was matched to color radiance care which holds 'unique technologies' which keeps your hair looking vibrant for up to ten weeks ~ yes please! I was really impressed by the masks they have introduced; 1. intensive repair 60 second treatment shot - 'offers damage recovery and instatnt deep nourishment in just 60 seconds'  and 2. intensive repair self warming hair mask - 'restores hair at the deepest layers to leave it shiny, strong, and more resiliant'

Rub a dub dub three men in a tub! So soaps, shower gel, and bath foam was next up and we had a very scientific dude demonstrate to us the difference in dove soap and regular soap. I'm not really sure of the ins and outs but Dove soap is always a winner, its the only soap i can wash my face with that doesnt dry it out.

Last stop was a quick talk on the compressed deodrants we are seeing advertised all over the television. 'the range has been develpoed to last just as long as previous 150ml deodrants'. It is more environmentally friendly and smoother on the skin. Perfect for hand luggage!!

The lovely goodies!
As you can see above Dove were more than generous, and for that reason I havent gotten around to trying everything out but here is what i have tried out and loved/loving:

RRP €3.76

Really impressed with this, not a fan of sprays cause they choke me but its actually pleasent!

RRP €6.49

The smell of this stuff makes me wanna eat it all up (I wont though)!! I am CRAP at moisturising my body. It annoys me when you are sticky and have to wait to put on your clothes. Well not with this one lads and lassies, its fecking smashing. The smell is soooo good everyone in my house commented on 'whats the yummy smell'.

RRP €4.99

If you read my Mane n Tail review you will know my poor hair is in bots after it. I have been using this two phase leave in conditioner after washing with head and shoulders and I have to say the shine I get off my hair from it is really great. I can get a comb through no bother at all too which is a relief, no more tangles = no more tantrums!

A shower gel is a shower gel in my honest opinion. This one smells good so I will def be getting another when it is all gone.

RRP €3.99

The hand cream has the Devine seal of approval. The whole family is loving this and it has taken prided place in the sitting room where everyone can use it. It doesn't give your hands that horrible greasy feeling and makes them feel oh so soft.
Are you a Dove fan?
Có x

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