Friday, 19 April 2013

I can't get no sleep...

Every morning when I check my twitter feed it seems to be full of people (some of you lot prob) that can’t sleep,  that have been awake all night, have been pacing the floors, and pulling their hair out trying to get some shut eye.

Well someone I know was in the same boat a while back, which resulted in a zombie like state during the day, feeling shitty and a little bit crazy!! After doing a lot of research online, and asking advice from the lovely ladies over on, I managed to come up with these few tips that resulted in them having very nice sleeps for the most part.


Stop worrying; if your mind is active you will be in overdrive getting in to bed. Write out a list of the things that are worrying you/ playing on your mind and the possible solutions; this way they are off your mind as such. Leave the list in a different room so that you’re not reading it over and over in bed!!

Cut out caffeine; drink your last cup of tea an hour or two before bed, and simply forget about the coffee. If you can replace them both throughout the day with green tea/camomile tea etc. then do so.

Take the TV out of the bedroom; not only will watching something on the television keep your mind going, apparently the rays that are emitted from a tele are not good for you at all, so get rid. The bedroom is for sleeping, you need to associate it with sleep, not tele.

Quit the social networking: Just because you have taken the tele out doesn’t mean its ok to spend hours on facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube etc. etc. Get yourself an alarm clock so you’re not relying on your phone as an alarm. Leave it somewhere that it is out of reach so that you’re not checking it every time you roll over.  

No comp/tablet: Same reasons as above, leave the computers and tablets out of the room altogether.

Lavender: Get your paws on some lavender drops, we put some on the pillow, it helps soothe you in to a sleep as such.

Valerian Root: this a flowering plant, that has a sedative effect as such. You can get valerian tea which is a good replacement for your regular tea and drink before bed. The other option is to get a natural sleep enhancer tablet in a health shop that contains valerian. Naturasleep were the ones I picked up. You take one of these about a half hour before you intend on going to bed, and bobs your uncle!

Get your arse out of bed: If you haven’t slept all night, this is no excuse to stay in bed all day. You need to establish a routing. Set an alarm and get up at the time it goes off. If you are on a day of work, you still need to have some sort of routing.

Exercise: It doesn’t matter what excuse you find yourself coming up with not to exercise, it has been proven over and over again to aid with sleep/rest. Get yourself out for a walk, run, cycle, swim and you will feel the benefits.

Natural Daylight: It is important for the body to feel the sun (not that there is a lot in Ireland) and get some air, so get yourself outside at lunch time even if it is for a few minutes.

Relax: Do something that relaxes you before bed like reading a book, or listening to music. 

I’m no expert on this subject by any means but these are the things that helped get this person get back in to a regular sleeping pattern, so it’s no harm to give them a try.

I hope you manage to see the sandman and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

Có x


  1. I gave a big YAWN as I got to the end of this post :) Great advise there.. Sleep is a hobby of mine now, for years I fought it and stayed up late and suffered for it big time.. the Zombie look does not suit anyone!!
    Now I plan my bedtime before I even get up outta the bed in the morning.. heeheehee

    1. Oh i plan bedtimes too :) I am lucky and have never fought it as such, i do love my bed, and i really think it was down to never having a tele in the room, and listening to the radio to fall asleep to!

  2. I'm gonna try that Naturasleep I think. I have been suffering from insomnia for years and years. Nothing but pure sleeping tabs help but I don't like taking them. I have tried a few natural alternatives but none of them have ever worked unfortunately. I agree that the whole social media on your phone is killer to a lot of people's sleep time! we've just become obsessed, myself included!

  3. I use something on my laptop that changes the background light depending on when the sun sets. So when it's night time, the light is 'warmer', to match indoor lighting and when the sun rises it changes back to normal. It's supposed to help with sleep and I do find it does help. Google Flux and it should come up


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