Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'Its alright not to feel ok'

Depression and suicide are both issues that are very prevalent in the media at present due a huge increase in teenage suicide in particular. 

Having never experienced a suicide in my life I am not at all aware of the devastation it leaves behind, nor am I aware of the head space one must be in to experience suicidal thoughts, but it is something I still struggle to get my head around. Why can't/don't people reach out and get help when they are feeling this low ~ Are we as a society still stigmatizing depression?

The song below which is being used to campaign Cycle for Suicide has a very apt line  
"its alright not to feel ok"

It is OK to feel shitty, to feel like nothing is going right, but you do not need to suffer alone, so please don't. 

No matter how insignificant you think you are in this big world I can guarantee someone's world would be torn apart if you were no longer in it.

Help is out there, the first (and hardest step I'd imagine) is reaching out for it. 

As I said I am no expert, and I hope I am not coming across as patronizing in anyway, I am just so sad reading stories every day of another person taking their own life when we as a society may have been able to prevent it.

Reach out whether it be to a social network friend, to a teacher/lecturer, friend, sibling, parent.... Reach out....

Có x

Samartians - 1850 60 90 90
1 life - 1800 247 100


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