Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wedding Wednesday:Capture your special day.

So you will probably have guessed by the title of this post, I'm looking at photography today.

Last week I featured local cake designer Paula of Pic n Mix Cakes, and I would like to continue with the theme of 'support local, buy irish' showing you all the excellent work of local photographer Mark McGuire.

Just over 5 years agoMark decided to invest in a professional Canon to play around with, but what he wasn't expecting was to be asked to photograph a wedding so soon. In his own words he stumbled through the wedding, struggling with timing and confidence.

We sometimes forget that the photographer is very much in the lime-light and more often than not, the co-ordinator at weddings. The priest looks to the photographer for his cue to start, as do the musicians, the bride, and everyone else present.
Thankfully (for all involved) Mark's first wedding was a success and through word of mouth a lot of enquiries cames his way.

Mark invested quite a bit of money on online tutorials ( being one source for all you up and coming photographers) and also enrolled in a photography Diploma. Mark didn't complete this however as he felt he knew most of the information through
the online tutorials he had purchased.

'I feel I will be learning about photography for the rest of my life and that there is never going to be a point where I'll be able to say I know everything'

Customer service is for Mark is the crux of his business. A happy client will reap much more rewards than thousands spent advertising in papers and magazines.

It is apparent that Mark loves his job, and feels its his calling. In his opinion wedding photographers get to be part of one of the best days in most peoples lives, capture moments from that day for them forever, and allow them the opportunity to re-live those happy moments every time they look at their pictures.

5 years on and Mark has established a successful business, with wedding bookings until 2015. If you like what you see and would like to see even more of this excellent work, head over to Marks facebook page. All of his contact details are available here too so if your tying the knot in the near future keep him in mind.

Hard work pays off kids, so if you are a budding photographer why not follow in his steps and who knows, in the near future you may be his competition!!

As always I love to read your comments,

Có x


  1. We used mark's services for our wedding in 2011 and we were so happy with the photos! He is very professional and very good to work with..I would highly recommend him :)

    1. great to see positive feedback for his excellent work :)

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