Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wedding Wednesday–Let them eat cake!

Its wedding Wednesday again, and today we are looking at cakes… (be prepared to dribble)

Depending on the bride/groom a wedding cake can be an integral part of the big day. It ties in with the theme, the decor, and will look amazing in the photos for that all important ‘cutting the cake’ moment. The type of wedding cakes have changed in recent years from that familiar white iced fruit cake (which don't get me wrong I am a big fan of), but nowadays people are becoming braver with their choices and expressing a bit more of their personality in their cakes.

Instead of showing you random pictures I have sourced online I wanted to show you the local talent that is out there in our communities. All of the cakes featured in todays post are by the amazingly talented Paula McDonnell of Pic n Mix Cakes, Co. Kildare.

'support local, buy Irish'

Paula started off making cupcakes for her family, then moved on to fondant work and started making cakes as a hobby but soon realised she was bursting at the seams with talent (my words not hers). Paula develops her skills from researching online mostly but did a couple of courses, however felt they were slightly outdated. 

Creating a cake takes Paula hours and hours, and a bucket load of patience. Paula aims to have all decoration 100% edible, however sometimes there is a need for wire support. With regards the filling you can have ANY flavor sponge you like, chocolate biscuit or fruit. The decorations are fondant / sugar paste. 

I'm sure once you see the work below that you will agree that Paula’s work is creative and original, and would look stunning at any top table. 

Ok, so on to the cakes, some of which I have had the please of taste testing (don't hate me!!): 

Vintage inspired birdcage cake:
jens wedding 

Vintage chandelier:                                 


Disney theme:
chocolate biscuit
This Disney cake was done for an anniversary but could very easily be a wedding cake if you removed the numbering.

For all the princess brides out there:
princess cake

The ever popular cup cake tiers:



engaement proposal

I’m sure what you are gathering here is that Paula can throw her hand to any design/idea and make it look amazing. If you head over to Pic n Mix Cakes Facebook page (which I have linked on every photo) you will be able to see the rest of Paula’s works of art, and be sure to ‘like’ and ‘share’ her page. 

Prices for cakes vary, therefore it is best to contact Paula herself. Paula does cakes for any occasion so be sure to pop over and have a nose.  

If you are tying the knot this year and are looking to have a cake that really stands out why not give Paula a shout. (or if Kildare is too far for you, source a local cake designer)

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