Monday, 27 May 2013

Click, Flash, Post, Check in - Having the time of my life!

This post is coming about from a pet peeve of mine, and my friends - people who take photos of themselves doing anything, checking themselves in at that place, and writing a caption that leads us to believe they are having the best time of their life.

Well sir/madam I challenge you to a dual, cause I have seen you in real life and out an about and you certainly do not appear to be having the time of your life all the bloody time which your timeline may lead one to believe.

I know I know, why haven't I blocked them etc? Well I have, or am certainly working my way through it, but in this generation of social media, it is hard for people not to be turned to the dark side. One day you have a normal friend on facebook, next thing they have been bitten by this social media bug, your timeline is filled with (queue posey mac poserson photo) Best night evaaaaaaa.... Have the bants and the lols with ma bitches - checked in @ swifts!!!

I beg of you, live your life in real life, not on social media to see how many likes you get, if you feel yourself being drawn in to the darkness, delete facebook from your phone.

I don't even know where to start on the tagging quest some people find themselves on, christ almighty, if you are sitting with friends tagging yourself updating your status the likely hood is that they will soon become pissed off with the 'friend' who has his/her face stuck in their phone, also if your constantly tagging yourself at your 'cosy bed' with your GPS locator on, don't be surprised if you have a Halloween moment soon and this guy rocks up to your door!


Are me an my friends becoming more intollerant as we get older, or are their other like minded people out there??? I would love to hear what yee think!!

Friday, 24 May 2013

Fit Friday : 30 Day Shred Update #4

Fridayyyyyyyy..... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... And next weekend is a bank holiday so an even bigger weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to that!!! 

When you stop gigggling at the cute baby, I'll tell you how i got on over the past week with Kill Jill.

This week has been a huge disappointment, I did really shit for the second half of the week, and its entirely down to feeling blue (the joys of being a woman). I know I should have been tougher on myself but I just haven't been able to pull myself out of the mood I'm in. From tomorrow it will be a better new week and I will kick the shit out of the rest of level 2.

Friday day 14: still finding this level really hard. But will get there
Saturday day 15: Jaysus its finally getting a wee bit easier.
Sunday Rest day: Did a 4 mile walk with the dog instead today, it was too sunny out to stay in.
Monday and Tuesday: was just not feeling it today, didn't have any interest in shredding, even though the guilt of not doing it was incredible. 
Wednesday day 16: Absolutely hated tonight, like wanted to give up ten mins. Did not have the head for it at all. Was so hungry and moody and had zero interest. 
Thursday: still in shite form and not in the humor for exercising at all. Feeling very guilty about it. Not a good day. 

What I have also realised is that I need to eat more food, the way my day goes is get up @ 5.45 am, don't have time for brekkie so get it when i get in to work @ 8.30 approx, i have a sos beag at 11, lunch at half one. I have been trying to shred when I get in the door @ 7pm cause i go to bed about half 9,  but this isn't working so well as I'm starving and have very low energy. Gonna bring some fruit with me and have that at about 4.30 so that I have some energy when I get in the door!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

World Womans Show 2013 - FREE Tickets

If your staying put for the long weekend ladies why not grab a couple of FREE tickets for the Womans World Show being held at Simmonscourt, RDS, Dublin, from Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June. 

Ticket price on the door is €12, but for a limited time FREE tickets are available at or if your smart phone savvy you can  download  womansworld app! 

There will be a huge array of Fashion, Health, Food, Beauty, Women’s Health, Fitness, and  Wellbeing, as well as five fashion shows per day so a little something for everyone. 


Wedding Wednesdays: Jenny Packham 2013

I came across this collection online this week and I'm in awe of it. The subtle vintage touch is just stunning!

Jenny Packham collections are available from two boutiques in Dublin 2 Sharon Hoey and Anabel Rose and also Blush Boutique in Belfast.





*all photos taken from the official Jenny Packham site

Would love to know what you think of these beautiful gowns. My fave is the very first ~ Azalea, it just screams vintage elegance.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Fit Friday - 30 Day Shred Update #3

Its friday friday gotta get down on friday... Hooray we made it through that extremely long week, thought today would never come!

Here is how I've been getting on since last week with the 30 day shred.
I took my measurements on day 9 of level 1, and they are looking good already which i am thrilled at!
Sunday Day 10: Found the last day of level 1 really easy!!! Hooray I survived level 1.
Monday Day 11: Started level 2, was very apprehensive about this. Lads it was hard, very very hard. Got through it, but definitely need to push harder, think I was actually in shock how much more intense it was!
Tuesday Day 12: felt worse than yesterday, in particular the squats with v raises KILLED me and I cant do the bloody double skips at all. Feeling a bit pissed off.
Wednesday Rest Day: I had planned to walk the dog instead of the shred today, but i got home late from work and by the time i had made dinner and eaten there wasn't enough time, the joys of 13 hour days eh.
Thursday Day 13: Made sure to eat something straight after work so that by the time I got home I was able to crack on. Felt really enthusiastic after having the break yesterday. Still feels incredibly hard, but am feeling determined and I'm determined to kick the shit out of this level. The second circuit abs are a killer and I have yet to master the double skips and squats with a V.

I shall be back next week to report how I'm getting on with the rest of level 2! Wish me luck, and don't forget to follow me on @coco_oscarwells on Twitter for my daily updates.

Let me know below or on facebook how you are getting on with your own shred.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hangover Cure - Prepare for the weekend!!

I considered stopping drinking altogether last year as it made me soooooo sick, like the whole next day was a write off, no 'cure' worked for me at all, it was literally puking all day!!! But there is always an occasion that calls for a drink, and thanks to my lovely online friend EvieM, I have finally, after 10 years of hangover, found a cure!!! 

Hallll eeeee luuuuu jahhhhhh!!!

Let me introduce you to my friend Milk Thistle.


Milk thistle is found to have liver-protective and regenerative properties, as well as antioxidant effects. It has been used clinically for a variety of liver ailments, such as hepatitis,and to improve liver function. 

You can buy milk thistle tablets in any health shop, and boots. Its around €13 for the 60 tablets.
You can take them in a few days in a lead up to a big session, or the way i do it is take one the day I am heading out, the IMPORTANT one to take is when you get home that night, and then another one the next morning! 

This thing is a miracle cure. 

Thank you lovely purpley flower thistle thing & EvieM!!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Wedding Wednesday – Bridal Hair

If you follow wedding Wednesdays on the blog, you will know that I have been trying to introduce you to local talent and real people over the last few weeks with wedding cakes by Paula @ Pic N Mix Cakes and photography from Mark Maguire Photography.

Well this week let me introduce you to Lorraine, the owner of Amazon Hair in Newbridge Co. Kildare 045432037, who is here to speak to/show us about bridal hair. 

Lorraine first started hairdressing when she was 16 and has had a grá for it ever since. Upon finishing school Lorraine attended Robert Chambers School of Hairdressing for 16 months as well as working in a local hairdressers for practical experience. 

aoife harrington wedding 2

For the past ten years Lorraine has been self employed and has kept herself up to date with current hair and fashion trends by regularly attending courses (mucho important for a hairdresser in my opinion) so that she can ensure she is providing the best service to her clients.
aoife harrington wedding
“I love the feeling of making people feel good about themselves, as the saying goes ' if your hair is right you feel right' and every women knows this is true.”
aoife harrington wedding 5

Over the years Lorraine has built up great relationships with her clients, and this she feel is particularly important  when it comes to brides.

“When I get to know someone’s personality I get a great feel to the way they would like their hair done for their special day.  Your wedding day is one of the most special days so its  important that you 
feel special and that's where I come in.”
For bridal hair, Lorraine likes to do two trials so that on the morning of the wedding there is no panic. In the first trial she will ask for a little peek at her dress (which she loves) and then suggests a few styles that could suit both the bride and the dress. This gives a good idea what style will look best. 

The second trial is usually done two weeks before the wedding and  this is a preview of how the bride will look like on the day. 

“I love the buzz and giggles that comes on the morning of a wedding from the bride and bridesmaids, you really cant beat a room full of girls being pampered oh & champagne”

All of the pictures featured in today's post are Lorraine's and I think you will agree they are all stunning!! For those of you getting married in the next years Lorraine's advise is to cut out pictures of styles you like and bring them along to your hairdresser.  

If you are in Newbridge or the surrounding areas and are looking for a great hairdresser, I can't recommend Lorraine highly enough. Head over to her facebook page for more info etc and as always feel free to leave her some lovely comments below! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fit Friday - 30 Day Shred Update #2

Well we have made it through another week yahoo, and the good news is my legs have not fallen off yet with the shred!! High five to Friday & the weekend!!

So here is how I got on this week:

Saturday Day 4: felt really good after todays workout!! Feel like I'm making progress!

Sunday Day 5: Still felt a bit hard, but time seemed to go a lot faster in todays shred.

Monday Rest day: i was slightly hungover and would have been at nothing!

Tuesday Day 6: A lot easier today, not getting out of breath as easily. Finding the squats a bit sore on my back but think this is down to technique. Upped my weights by about 1kg each.

Wednesday Day 7: Easier again, corrected squats technique so back is good. I HATE LUNGES!!! Inner left knee is hurting a bit when I'm lunging but again this is down to technique. Was actually listening to Jillians motivation today and it was good!

Thursday Day 8: Knee still hurting when lunging, really need to work harder on technique. Enjoying the shred properly, have come a long way from day 1.

Friday Rest Day: Not intentionally, had dinner and drinks with friends. Felt incredibly guilty for not doing the shred, but need to get out of that, i need to have a life too!

Saturday Day 9: Felt really good doing the shred this am. Am finding myself to be starving afterwards. Not sweating as much so I def must be finding it easier. Am looking forward to hitting level 2 on Monday.

I am really starting to enjoy the 30 day shred now that the initial pains and aches have ceased, and its nice to see how fast my body is adapting to the exercises. 

Go team kill jill!! If you wanna follow my updates on twitter I'm @coco_oscarwells

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ebay–Cash That Stash

Doing a bit of spring cleaning lately, have things lying around that you need to get rid of but they are ‘too good to throw out’, well Ebay is your friend. 

“According to research carried out by, Irish households are hoarding unwanted items to the value of €3.1bn with each home clinging on to an average of 41 items* that amount to €2,135 worth of unused items.”


I attended an Ebay #cashthatstash event last week in The Little Museum of Dublin which had Ebay and Paypal staff there to show us the best ways to sell items that are lying around the house. 


We were then given tips on how to photograph items, and An Post were there to give us some information on postage guidelines. 

The good news is that all of this information and advice will be available to you on Saturday the 18th of May in The Little Museum of Dublin, 15 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 from 10am-4pm. This is a FREE event and is open to the public. The first 150 people will receive a FREE pre-paid Track & Trace label from An Post. 

I have sold quiet a few bits and pieces on ebay over the last year or two and here are my tips for selling:
  • Make sure you give an accurate description for e.g if it is clothing ensure you say the kind of materials, if it has been worn, if there are any defects.
  • Good quality photos taken in good light that show off the item at its best.
  • Do NOT try and make money from postage, get yourself a weighing scales and this will give you the cost of postage.
  • It is ok to take into account the cost of the envelopes/box to be included in the postage.
  • Do not send item until you have received payment from buyer.
  • Time your auction so that it ends on a Sunday night, people seem to bid more at the weekend.
  • One mans trash is another mans treasure. If it doesn't sell its no harm, if it does, happy days!
Happy selling!

*photos courtesy of

Weddings Via Pinterest #8–Vintage Centerpiece Books & Teacups

Personally I feel that if you are having a big sit down dinner, and your guests are going to spend quiet some time at the table, a bit of effort in to the centerpiece will go a long way. As you may or may not know I love the look of rustic/vintage centerpieces, I have had a particular grá for teacups of late, and think they look fab as a centerpiece. It kind of reminds me of the mad hatters tea party from Alice in Wonderland, but you can tailor this look look to suit yourself. 

sourced via google images

 If you are putting your centerpieces together yourself it couldn’t be easier. Most if not all charity shops will have tea cups, and as long as you are ok with mix and match (which in my opinion looks nicer) your flying. Also calling around relatives to root in their attics may be a good idea too, who knows what hidden treasures you may find. 

vintage teacups

If you want to have teacups as a hanging display all you require is some fishing line to hang them with, you can add further decoration such as fairy lights also. 

kimlephotography dot com via pinterest

furry teapot

Choose your flowers and ditch the vase, stick em in a tea cup instead…
Teacup centrepiece

teacups 2

One of my other loves is second hand bookshops, so team some old books with tea cups and wild flowers and you will have me impressed. Again charity shops for old books is definitely the way to go. Also you can pick up books cheap as chips at car boot sales/yard sales etc. Ask your friends do they have a stash of dusty books in the spare room.

polkadotbride dot com via pinterest

^Labels could display names of films, books, songs that you are using as apart of your table plan. ^

projectwedding dot com via pinterest

^ You could match the ribbon to bridesmaid dress colour possibly… ^

rocknrollbride dot com via pinterest

weddingbee dot com via pinterest

theknot dot ninemsn dot au via pinterest

^ I love scrabble tiles and wild flowers. ^
books and cups

reveriemag dot com via pinterest

Happy Wedding Wednesday Smile 


*all photos sourced on pinterest

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Right to Die.

Marie Fleming has been fighting with the courts over the past number of months for her right to die via assisted suicide. Marie has MS (find more info here) and at present has no motor function. This means that Marie will not be able to take her own life without assistance. What she has been looking for is essentially that her partner Tom will not be prosecuted when it comes to the time that she decides it’s time to go.

Why does Marie not go to Switzerland to avail of Dignitas?
Dignitas is an association in Switzerland who if you are a member you can avail of assisted/accompanied suicide ~ “DIGNITAS – To live with dignity - to die with dignity”

Taken from here are the prerequisites for preparation of assisted suicide:
"In order to access the service of an accompanied suicide, someone has to:
  • be a member of DIGNITAS, and
  • be of sound judgement, and
  • possess a minimum level of physical mobility (sufficient to self-administer the drug).
Because the co-operation of a Swiss medical doctor (physician) is absolutely vital in ob- taining the required drug, further prerequisites mean that the person must have:
  • a disease which will lead to death (terminal illness), and/or
  • an unendurable incapacitating disability, and/or
  • unbearable and uncontrollable pain."
As you can see above, the person must be able to self-administer. Marie has passed this point, therefore can not avail of this 'service'. Tom explained on The Late Late Show that Marie was not ready to die when she would have been able to avail of Dignitas.

I, as an able bodied individual, have the ability to end my life as and when I want. When then does Marie not have this right just because her hands are failing her? She is of sound mind, there is no malice in Tom wanting to help her, why not let him assist her and let her pass with some dignity.

I am writing this from a very passionate place. I have worked in various places with people who have debilitating diseases, or have been in accidents that has left them with very little function. Many of these people have expressed that when it gets to a certain point they no longer wish to live. That is their choice, who the hell is anyone to take that away from them.

If anyone who I love needed my help in a situation like this, there is no doubt that I would do whatever I could. I could not stand by and allow them to suffer, cause that is what is happening when they reach that point. 

I would love for those that disagree to put themselves in this position; you can't get yourself out of bed in the morning, you can't wash yourself, you can't feed yourself, you can't take a drink, you can’t brush your hair, you can't wash your teeth, you can't dress yourself, you can't turn the page of a book yourself... The list goes on and on and on. You get to the point that you have had enough and are fed up with life. But your disability/disease has gotten to the point that you can't do this on your own. You need help, but you are worried that if you get help, that person will be sent to jail. 

How the hell is this democratic society. 

'it will open the floodgates to assisted suicide' 

 'where will it stop' 

'sure you will have people killing off their relations to get their money'

Jesus is this not the reason we pay legislators a lot of money to put the proper and appropriate barriers and safeguards in place so that people who are in a vulnerable position are not taken advantage of etc. 

This is an issue that really frustrates me. I really feel that people who are in the same position as Marie should be given the choice to end their lives as and when they see fit, and if this means allowing them some assistance so be it. 

Friday, 3 May 2013

Fit Friday - 30 Day Shred Update #1

Lalalalalala Long Weekend... Yay its Friday, and its a long weekend so yeow to that!!!

I blogged the other day about starting the 30 day shred and just wanted to give you my first update as to how it is going. FYI I will do updates each Friday.. Fit Friday - cheesy I know!!

Day 1 Tues: Was surprised how hard it was tbh, i thought reading the exercises on paper I would be fine, but i wasn't, I think the poor dog thought I was dying in the next room.

Day 2 Wed: Wasn't very sore after day 1 which I was surprised about, and found today a lot better than the day one. Took my measurements today too so really intrigued to see if they change.

Day 3 Fri: Had an event last night so hadn't got the time to complete, did today instead. I found it hard tonight, I think I started off in my head thinking oh yes Friday, flake out on the couch, which was stoopid. Added a few extra stretches at the end tonight as I felt my calves burning after day 2. Will get up in the am and enter with a better mental attitude..

Have a lovely weekend everyone... Keep me up to date with your progress and feel free to link me your 30 day shred blog links if you have one,

Có x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 Day Shred

I’ve always tried to do something to keep fit, but mostly this is just walking or running with the dog (after her as she chases the sheep), never really been in to that dvd malarkey until NOW!!!


After hearing countless people online raving about the results I was very curious to get in on the 30 day shred bandwagon. What is 30 day shred you will ask? Well ye know the TV show The Biggest Loser, well one of the trainers, Jillian Michaels, she released a series of 30 day programmes. Here is how describes it: ‘ 30 Day Shred features three 20-minute workouts, each of which features, in rapid succession, short bursts of strength, cardio, and abs, and a cool-down. Sound easy? Think again. Even the beginner-level workout will have users' heart rates up. Michaels allows no resting between each short burst of exercise, which is part of why the results happen so quickly.’

You basically do these 20 minute work outs everyday for 30 days. Its works off the 3-2-1 method which is 3 mins strenght, 2 mins cardio, and 1 minute abs.  All you need is a mat (doesn't have to be a yoga one) and weights (again you can improvise with water bottle/cans of beans). You do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days, and finally level 3 for 10 days.  Level 1 is avaliable on youtube btw, which is what I will be using until my DVD arrives.

I started last night and found it hard but good. The reasons I am completing this is not for weight loss, its to tone up so I’m not going to worry about that side of it too much! I will track my progress here over the next thirty days through measurements and photos.

If you follow me on twitter @coco_oscarwells, I apologise in advance for moaning.