Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 Day Shred

I’ve always tried to do something to keep fit, but mostly this is just walking or running with the dog (after her as she chases the sheep), never really been in to that dvd malarkey until NOW!!!


After hearing countless people online raving about the results I was very curious to get in on the 30 day shred bandwagon. What is 30 day shred you will ask? Well ye know the TV show The Biggest Loser, well one of the trainers, Jillian Michaels, she released a series of 30 day programmes. Here is how describes it: ‘ 30 Day Shred features three 20-minute workouts, each of which features, in rapid succession, short bursts of strength, cardio, and abs, and a cool-down. Sound easy? Think again. Even the beginner-level workout will have users' heart rates up. Michaels allows no resting between each short burst of exercise, which is part of why the results happen so quickly.’

You basically do these 20 minute work outs everyday for 30 days. Its works off the 3-2-1 method which is 3 mins strenght, 2 mins cardio, and 1 minute abs.  All you need is a mat (doesn't have to be a yoga one) and weights (again you can improvise with water bottle/cans of beans). You do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days, and finally level 3 for 10 days.  Level 1 is avaliable on youtube btw, which is what I will be using until my DVD arrives.

I started last night and found it hard but good. The reasons I am completing this is not for weight loss, its to tone up so I’m not going to worry about that side of it too much! I will track my progress here over the next thirty days through measurements and photos.

If you follow me on twitter @coco_oscarwells, I apologise in advance for moaning.

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  1. I look forward to seeing how you get on with this.. Everyones raving about it at the mo..


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