Saturday, 11 May 2013

Fit Friday - 30 Day Shred Update #2

Well we have made it through another week yahoo, and the good news is my legs have not fallen off yet with the shred!! High five to Friday & the weekend!!

So here is how I got on this week:

Saturday Day 4: felt really good after todays workout!! Feel like I'm making progress!

Sunday Day 5: Still felt a bit hard, but time seemed to go a lot faster in todays shred.

Monday Rest day: i was slightly hungover and would have been at nothing!

Tuesday Day 6: A lot easier today, not getting out of breath as easily. Finding the squats a bit sore on my back but think this is down to technique. Upped my weights by about 1kg each.

Wednesday Day 7: Easier again, corrected squats technique so back is good. I HATE LUNGES!!! Inner left knee is hurting a bit when I'm lunging but again this is down to technique. Was actually listening to Jillians motivation today and it was good!

Thursday Day 8: Knee still hurting when lunging, really need to work harder on technique. Enjoying the shred properly, have come a long way from day 1.

Friday Rest Day: Not intentionally, had dinner and drinks with friends. Felt incredibly guilty for not doing the shred, but need to get out of that, i need to have a life too!

Saturday Day 9: Felt really good doing the shred this am. Am finding myself to be starving afterwards. Not sweating as much so I def must be finding it easier. Am looking forward to hitting level 2 on Monday.

I am really starting to enjoy the 30 day shred now that the initial pains and aches have ceased, and its nice to see how fast my body is adapting to the exercises. 

Go team kill jill!! If you wanna follow my updates on twitter I'm @coco_oscarwells

Have a great weekend!!

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