Friday, 17 May 2013

Fit Friday - 30 Day Shred Update #3

Its friday friday gotta get down on friday... Hooray we made it through that extremely long week, thought today would never come!

Here is how I've been getting on since last week with the 30 day shred.
I took my measurements on day 9 of level 1, and they are looking good already which i am thrilled at!
Sunday Day 10: Found the last day of level 1 really easy!!! Hooray I survived level 1.
Monday Day 11: Started level 2, was very apprehensive about this. Lads it was hard, very very hard. Got through it, but definitely need to push harder, think I was actually in shock how much more intense it was!
Tuesday Day 12: felt worse than yesterday, in particular the squats with v raises KILLED me and I cant do the bloody double skips at all. Feeling a bit pissed off.
Wednesday Rest Day: I had planned to walk the dog instead of the shred today, but i got home late from work and by the time i had made dinner and eaten there wasn't enough time, the joys of 13 hour days eh.
Thursday Day 13: Made sure to eat something straight after work so that by the time I got home I was able to crack on. Felt really enthusiastic after having the break yesterday. Still feels incredibly hard, but am feeling determined and I'm determined to kick the shit out of this level. The second circuit abs are a killer and I have yet to master the double skips and squats with a V.

I shall be back next week to report how I'm getting on with the rest of level 2! Wish me luck, and don't forget to follow me on @coco_oscarwells on Twitter for my daily updates.

Let me know below or on facebook how you are getting on with your own shred.


  1. Go you, your doing great, just think, the worse is over..your almost at the half way mark and your 6 pack will be trying to pop out soon xxx

  2. You have me scared shitless of level 2, it sounds like hell. I'm barely holding on at level 1 as it is.

    Love the squirrel btw.

  3. You're doing brilliantly, keep it up! When I was doing it, I tried about four minutes of level 2 and went straight back to 1, fair play for staying with it! x


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