Friday, 24 May 2013

Fit Friday : 30 Day Shred Update #4

Fridayyyyyyyy..... Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... And next weekend is a bank holiday so an even bigger weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to that!!! 

When you stop gigggling at the cute baby, I'll tell you how i got on over the past week with Kill Jill.

This week has been a huge disappointment, I did really shit for the second half of the week, and its entirely down to feeling blue (the joys of being a woman). I know I should have been tougher on myself but I just haven't been able to pull myself out of the mood I'm in. From tomorrow it will be a better new week and I will kick the shit out of the rest of level 2.

Friday day 14: still finding this level really hard. But will get there
Saturday day 15: Jaysus its finally getting a wee bit easier.
Sunday Rest day: Did a 4 mile walk with the dog instead today, it was too sunny out to stay in.
Monday and Tuesday: was just not feeling it today, didn't have any interest in shredding, even though the guilt of not doing it was incredible. 
Wednesday day 16: Absolutely hated tonight, like wanted to give up ten mins. Did not have the head for it at all. Was so hungry and moody and had zero interest. 
Thursday: still in shite form and not in the humor for exercising at all. Feeling very guilty about it. Not a good day. 

What I have also realised is that I need to eat more food, the way my day goes is get up @ 5.45 am, don't have time for brekkie so get it when i get in to work @ 8.30 approx, i have a sos beag at 11, lunch at half one. I have been trying to shred when I get in the door @ 7pm cause i go to bed about half 9,  but this isn't working so well as I'm starving and have very low energy. Gonna bring some fruit with me and have that at about 4.30 so that I have some energy when I get in the door!


  1. We all have these kinda weeks!! you still exercised 4 days in the week, thats really good when your not in the form for it.
    having a banana on the way home would keep you going I'd say..
    its great that you do the shred before your dinner :) now thats dedication.
    Dont be so hard on yourself xx

    1. thanks HBG, i just get this overwhelming sense of guilt, thanks lady x

  2. Don't feel guilty, you still did a hell of a lot of work this week and you're doing really, really well! x


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