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Weddings Via Pinterest #8–Vintage Centerpiece Books & Teacups

Personally I feel that if you are having a big sit down dinner, and your guests are going to spend quiet some time at the table, a bit of effort in to the centerpiece will go a long way. As you may or may not know I love the look of rustic/vintage centerpieces, I have had a particular grá for teacups of late, and think they look fab as a centerpiece. It kind of reminds me of the mad hatters tea party from Alice in Wonderland, but you can tailor this look look to suit yourself. 

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 If you are putting your centerpieces together yourself it couldn’t be easier. Most if not all charity shops will have tea cups, and as long as you are ok with mix and match (which in my opinion looks nicer) your flying. Also calling around relatives to root in their attics may be a good idea too, who knows what hidden treasures you may find. 

vintage teacups

If you want to have teacups as a hanging display all you require is some fishing line to hang them with, you can add further decoration such as fairy lights also. 

kimlephotography dot com via pinterest

furry teapot

Choose your flowers and ditch the vase, stick em in a tea cup instead…
Teacup centrepiece

teacups 2

One of my other loves is second hand bookshops, so team some old books with tea cups and wild flowers and you will have me impressed. Again charity shops for old books is definitely the way to go. Also you can pick up books cheap as chips at car boot sales/yard sales etc. Ask your friends do they have a stash of dusty books in the spare room.

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^Labels could display names of films, books, songs that you are using as apart of your table plan. ^

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^ You could match the ribbon to bridesmaid dress colour possibly… ^

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^ I love scrabble tiles and wild flowers. ^
books and cups

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Happy Wedding Wednesday Smile 


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  1. Love vintage tea cups and the books are such a lovely idea too! very pretty!


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