Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle ¦ Review

Ever since I was little I was the pain in the arse kid that asked for 100 penny jellies with my pound in hand. I LOVE sweets, the smell, the look, the taste, nom!!! Therefore it is no surprise to anyone that knows me that I love sweet  smelling perfumes, and my oh my have I fallen for La Vie Est Belle big style.

Lancômes La Vie Est Belle is the number one eau de parfum in France since its release 7 months ago, and I can defo see why.

I know to some people packaging is not important, but it is to me as I like for my perfumes to be on display on my dresser. La Vie Est Belle definitely looks the part in gorgeous clear glass bottle, pink liquid, and topped off with a silver/grey ribbon.

You know when you smell something that tickles your taste buds and you wanna gobble it down, well this is how I feel about this perfume. It is simply divine!! Like if I could eat it I really would.

I am no use with undertones, overtones etc nor do I really have the interest, so the best way I can describe the scent of this perfume is to compare it to the likes of Paco Rabanne Black XS. It smells like sweets, and as my Da said, it's sweet smell hangs on the end of your nose all day. I didn't need to respray at all during the day as its lasting time was exceptional.

I have received a number of compliments on this scent since receiving* it, and isn't that what we all want deep down to receive little compliments like this! The boy was nearly wearing it himself he liked it that much!!

When this bottle runs dry there is no doubt in my mind that I will be running down to replace it. 

The RRP for the various sizes are as follows; 30ml €47.00, 50ml €65.00, and 75ml €80.00.

If you like sweet smelling fresh perfumes, La Vie Est Belle deserves a place on your dresser and neck!

*received as a PR sample for review

Monday, 24 June 2013

Dove Summer Glow ¦ Review

Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion is essentially a moisturiser that will give you a gradual tan, and seeing as I resemble casper the ghost with my pastiness, I was delighted to give this a try.

I am quiet skeptical about gradual tanners as I ended up like a simpson a few years ago, not a good look, so I was a little bit apprehensive.

I received* Summer Glow in the color 'light' and for the past week I have been applying to my legs. A little goes a long way with this product so you will def recieve vlaue for money! There is no nasty fake tan smell off this lotion which makes it a winner in my book. It takes a few mins to dry so if you're in a hurry in the am, maybe apply at night instead! Don't forget to wash your hands after application, unless you are a fan of tanned palms...

I'm delighted to tell you my legs are sporting a lovely light tan at the moment, I by no means look like I have been on holidays but Summer Glow has taken the whiteness away. It has also left my legs feeling really soft so as a moisuturiser it is doing its job also.

Dove Summer Glow has a RRP of 6.49 and comes in three different shades: light, dark and dark with shimmer.

I would 100% recommend this, throw one in the trolley when you are doing the shopping!

*received as a PR sample for review

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lipstick and Nail Polish ¦ Storage Ideas

I’m not your typical beauty blogger with mounds of makeup but I do have a weak spot for nail varnish and lipsticks. They were scattered every which way about the house and I could never find the color I was looking for so I decided to tidy up my act and get some nice storage for them!


Inspired by pinterest and other beauty bloggers I am on a mission to tidy up my act!For the lipsticks/lipbalms I got this plain and simple acrylic organiser.


Its tiered and fits 24 lippies and its now soooo easy to find the one I'm looking for. It cost E6 on ebay - what a bargain! I need another one or two now though but have noticed the prices on ebay have doubled so I’m gonna keep an eye out in TK Maxx also.


For my nail polish collection I decided to take them out of their glossy box and let them take prided place in these lovely spice racks from Ikea @ E3 each. Seriously could ye find any cheaper than that!!

These little racks are so easy to put together and to ‘attach’ them to the wall I simply hammered in a nail each side of the wall, there is the little hole in the back of them that then hang on the nails!!  They could easily be painted any color to suit your own room too!!

For some unknown reason I though I would have enough space in two of them but needless to say I will have to take a return trip up to grab a couple more (where I will have to acquire a helmer, it would be rude not too)

 If you have any other storage ideas I would love to hear about/see them cause I am super nosy and love to have a goo!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Is Ireland really getting smarter?

Today’s post is a little different, looking at smart phone ‘habits’ in Ireland, and I feel it relates well to my post Click, Flash, Post, Check in - Having the time of your life!

It must be said that since getting my first 'smart phone' last year I have become totally dependent on it, like totally. I do not know how I used to navigate my way around new cities without a sat nav to hand, how did I find out bus times, how did I do bank transfers, how did I stalk browse on facebook, did i even know what tweeting was, how did I organise anything without whats app groups, WAS I LIVING IN A HOLE!!!


Well I am glad to see I am not the only one who has been caught up by the curse of the smart phone, as a survey carried out by Three has shown that over half the population of this wee country owns one with the ownership increasing a mahoosive 53% in just one year. We as a nation are now spending more time online than ever, which can probably attributed to half of us having it on hand with our smartphones.

I am currently in the market for a new phone after a series of dropping incidents over the past year (sorry HTC), but I'm not sure what phone to go for. I’d like to think I could 'survive' without a smart phone, but I suppose even using the word survive suggests that I wouldn't be able to!  


We all know individually how much time we spend on our phones, and we all have a friend that spends way too much time on their phone (grrrr shakes the fist) so I suppose what I really want to know is are we actually becoming smarter along with our phones, or are these smart phones making it easier for us to not use our brains as much?

Looking at the stats below, also from the Three survey, and how I fit in to them I don’t think I would ever be able to go back to my Nokia 3310.
  • In total the Irish adult population spends 8 million hours online everyday (outside of working hours) - @ the weekends if im not out I would spend loads of time
  • In total the Irish adult population spends 2.2 million hours online on smartphones everyday (outside of working hours) – my whole commute home my head is in my phone
  • On average Irish adults spend 68 minutes per day on smartphones (outside work hours)
  • 38% of the adult Irish population check their smartphones before getting out of bed - I am guilty of this
  • Over half (56%) of the adult Irish population check their smartphones before breakfast
  • 31% of Irish people have sent a text they wished they hadn’t after a night out - haha I probably did fit in to this category when I was single
  • 78% of Irish adults check emails on their smartphones everyday - I wouldn't go through a day without checking emails every hour
  • 64% of Irish adults check social media on their smartphones everyday - I have deleted facebook but use twitter a lot
  • 34% of Irish adults watch videos/YouTube on their smartphones everyday – this is a favourite of the boys
  • 72% of Irish adults look up websites on their smartphones everyday – hell yes
  • 34% of Irish adults use Instant Chat on their smartphones everyday – does whats app count here

What do you think, am I reading in to this too much, is this just the 
way the world is moving?

What are your smartphone habits like?
Do you spend a gazillion hours a week on your phone?
Is your phone the first thing you have to check in the morning?
Or are you still cracking on with your old school phone?

A big thanks to Dave @ Thinkhouse for providing me with these SHOCKING stats to use!!

Let me know your thoughts, I would love to hear them!!!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

NYC Foil Explosions = delish metallic nails!

I am a bit of a nail polish whore, I tend to buy at least one a week to add to the collection, so I was delira to receive these fab five NYC Foil Explosions at What Bloggers Did Next ( another huge thank you!)

If you haven't heard of NYC before well listen up, they are a fantastic pocket friendly brand that are dotted in various pharmacies nationwide and also in Pennys.

NYC are bang on trend with these metallic polishes, and they come in at the fantastic €1.99. I find myself staring at them, a bit like a magpie, and have received a heap of compliments on my shiny nails.

The five different shades are:
  • 010 pure air (orangey),
  • 011 power of elements (lilacy),
  • 012 enchanting fire (pinky/redy),
  • 013 aqua mystic (bluey),
  • 014 magic earth (greeny)
The staying power is pretty decent too, getting about 3 days chip free, bearing in mind I'm pretty rough on my paws!!

014 Magic Earth

011 Power of Elements

All in all I love these polishes and would defo recommend you spend the tenner on the collection, you will get so much wear all year round.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Follow me on Bloglovin as GFC comes to an end!

So as you may or may not of heard, GFC follow is going to be no longer very soo :( so if you still like to read what I blog I would love you to follow me over on Bloglovin here !

Bloglovin' provides a fantastic platform to read all the blogs you enjoy,
and also to discover new ones!!

Alternatively if you do not want to sign up to bloglovin' you can enter your email address in the box over there to the right hand side >>>> and you will receive my new posts straight to your inbox!! 

Thanks for reading, it means a lot :)

Có x

Cocoa Brown Sunless Tanning - Review

Let me introduce you to Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, and day and night sunless tan by Marissa Carter of Carter Beauty.  

Day and Night is the latest sunless tanning product in the range, and is no doubt going to do just as well as 1 hour tan has done over the past six months.   Most chemists have a sea of pink displaying in their windows and available in Pennys which I think speaks for itself. Primark UK have recently taken on Cocoa Brown as well, 
and they have signed a deal in the USA.    

Marissa and the team at Cocoa Brown team are flying and they deserve a huge well done for creating and promoting such a fantastic product.   I jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months back and loved 1 hour tan, and more recently received a gift of Day and Night courtesy of Cocoa Brown @ What Bloggers Did Next, THANK YOU!!!    

Ok so lets get down to business, here is how I got on with the tan:

Preparation –  
Exfoliate - As with every fake tan, it is best to exfoliate a few days before you plan on applying as the tan will take to the skin better and you won’t have any dry patches. However if you do forget to exfoliate (as I did last week) do not fear, it turns out fine too! 
Moisturise - Moisturise your skin to avoid any dry patches in the days leading up to tanning and well in general anyway! Apply to clean skin – wash any products inc. deodorant, perfume, moisturiser from the skin with a quick shower before you apply the tan.  
Shaving – I’m not 100% what the protocol is for this but I always wait to shave until the tan is applied as I feel it goes in to my pores and I end up with dotty brown legs if I shave first!   

Easy Application –  
1. Shake the can well.  
2. Spray appropriate amount on to mitt, remember less is more people! 
3. Apply to desired areas. The tan is dark enough so that you will see if you have missed anywhere.  
4. When applying with a mitt, if you put on too much it might tend to go on the other side of the mitt and stain you baby finger, not a good look!!
 5. DO NOT LET BOYFRIEND ‘HELP’ … You will end up with a tanned hand print on your arse more than likely!    

Results –  
For the original tan (pink bottle) I applied it at night, and washed it off in the morning. The tan doesn’t have too strong a scent, and it defiantly doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and running around flapping to dry. Probably the quickest drying tan I have used. In terms of how it comes off, it fades gradually which is really great, I didn’t turn patchy at all.  
With regards the Day & Night (pink & white bottle), received at What Bloggers Did Next (THANKS!!) I must admit I was a little frightened at how dark I looked at the initial application, however after washing the next day I was left with a lovely natural tan, that suited my skin tone excellently. Again this faded gradually, dried quick and didn’t smell like curry chips!!!  
Overall I will most defo be repurchasing Cocoa Brown. It’s a really fantastic product, and its Irish so it’s a win win. Retailing @ approx. €7.99 its such a fantastic buy, and I wouldn’t turn your nose up at it. Its defo up there with my €30 flash bronzer!!!

Have you tried Cocoa Brown?? What do you think?

Friday, 14 June 2013

New Blog Banner –Thanks Pocket Ink!

LOOK UPPP – yes that is my new fancy swanshy banner!!! D’ye likkkeee!!!

This banner was designed my my lovely friend Shane who is an 
Animation Artist / Illustrator.

I think you will have to agree it looks pretty good,
 so a HUGGEEEEE thank you to Shane for putting it together for me!

Be sure to head over for to his blog Pocket Ink  for a look at all his other fantastic illustrations/animations like these ones below.

Also if you are looking for a re-design Shane is the man for the job, and all his contact details are over on the blog.

Pocket Ink


Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What Bloggers Did Next–Blogger Meet Up

So over the weekend I went along to #whatbloggersdidnext which was an informal gathering of Irish bloggers in Dublin’s Hard Rock Cafe, all organised by the fabulous Katie of What Katie Healy Did Next (check her blog out here its fantastic).

It must be said that there was a mixture of excitement and nervousness heading to the meet up as I only know a lot of these girls over the interweb, and even at that I don't know them very well. It was grand sure, i found a lot of people were in the same boat when I arrived and it was great to finally put real life faces to the names. Needless to say I didn't get to chat to everyone but thanks to Orla ( @makeupovermind ) who complied a list of everyone in attendance (jaysus i sound like im doing the rolla scoile) I will defo have a lot more reading material.

When I arrived at the Hard Rock the tables were filled with that unmistakable pink glow of Cocoa Brown Tan bottles, jellies, mane and tail samples, and a bright shiny goody bag with the new NYC nail polishes. We were also given another, yes another goodie bag from Inglot, who did a make up demo for us when we popped over to the Jervis. Thank you all for the fantastic goodies, it is much appreciated.

So basically I want to say a mahooosive thank you to Katie, for getting a lot of us out of our comfort zone, and mingling with new people! You were a fabulous hostess and should be very proud of the event you organised!! Bravo!!!

If you were a little afraid or too anxious to come to this meet up, defo come to the next one, you wont regret it!

Fit Friday Fail–30 Day Shred Update #5

I have been dreading writing this post cause I feel like a failure, you may or may not have noticed I didn't update with a Fit Friday post re: my 30 day shred last week, the reason being is I still have not got back on the bandwagon. I am so mad at myself but yet I still couldn't manage to convince myself to just bloody do the shred. I had a miserable week the week before last and it seemed to carry itself over to last week.

I haven't been a total lazy bitch though, have been walking from Heuston to the city centre each morning and walked at the weekend with the boy. I hate to be one of those people making excuse so I’m not going to, I was just being lazy pure and simple.

I will however not be defeated, and I am a making a fresh start next Monday (after a hen weekend – vom) and I will crack on with Level 2, starting at day one again.

Apologies to the shred team on twitter for being a lazy mess, I promise I will be back on it next week!!