Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cocoa Brown Sunless Tanning - Review

Let me introduce you to Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan, and day and night sunless tan by Marissa Carter of Carter Beauty.  

Day and Night is the latest sunless tanning product in the range, and is no doubt going to do just as well as 1 hour tan has done over the past six months.   Most chemists have a sea of pink displaying in their windows and available in Pennys which I think speaks for itself. Primark UK have recently taken on Cocoa Brown as well, 
and they have signed a deal in the USA.    

Marissa and the team at Cocoa Brown team are flying and they deserve a huge well done for creating and promoting such a fantastic product.   I jumped on the bandwagon a couple of months back and loved 1 hour tan, and more recently received a gift of Day and Night courtesy of Cocoa Brown @ What Bloggers Did Next, THANK YOU!!!    

Ok so lets get down to business, here is how I got on with the tan:

Preparation –  
Exfoliate - As with every fake tan, it is best to exfoliate a few days before you plan on applying as the tan will take to the skin better and you won’t have any dry patches. However if you do forget to exfoliate (as I did last week) do not fear, it turns out fine too! 
Moisturise - Moisturise your skin to avoid any dry patches in the days leading up to tanning and well in general anyway! Apply to clean skin – wash any products inc. deodorant, perfume, moisturiser from the skin with a quick shower before you apply the tan.  
Shaving – I’m not 100% what the protocol is for this but I always wait to shave until the tan is applied as I feel it goes in to my pores and I end up with dotty brown legs if I shave first!   

Easy Application –  
1. Shake the can well.  
2. Spray appropriate amount on to mitt, remember less is more people! 
3. Apply to desired areas. The tan is dark enough so that you will see if you have missed anywhere.  
4. When applying with a mitt, if you put on too much it might tend to go on the other side of the mitt and stain you baby finger, not a good look!!
 5. DO NOT LET BOYFRIEND ‘HELP’ … You will end up with a tanned hand print on your arse more than likely!    

Results –  
For the original tan (pink bottle) I applied it at night, and washed it off in the morning. The tan doesn’t have too strong a scent, and it defiantly doesn’t leave you feeling sticky and running around flapping to dry. Probably the quickest drying tan I have used. In terms of how it comes off, it fades gradually which is really great, I didn’t turn patchy at all.  
With regards the Day & Night (pink & white bottle), received at What Bloggers Did Next (THANKS!!) I must admit I was a little frightened at how dark I looked at the initial application, however after washing the next day I was left with a lovely natural tan, that suited my skin tone excellently. Again this faded gradually, dried quick and didn’t smell like curry chips!!!  
Overall I will most defo be repurchasing Cocoa Brown. It’s a really fantastic product, and its Irish so it’s a win win. Retailing @ approx. €7.99 its such a fantastic buy, and I wouldn’t turn your nose up at it. Its defo up there with my €30 flash bronzer!!!

Have you tried Cocoa Brown?? What do you think?


  1. I don't know how Marissa did it, but she made a tan that's perfect for people who hate tan. I wouldn't be bothered with tan normally, but I love this product so much, it's absolutely foolproof! Fantastic product.

    1. I was the same, was gone off tanning but now my ghostly legs are carrying a nice natural glow!!! Hoooray!!!

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