Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fit Friday Fail–30 Day Shred Update #5

I have been dreading writing this post cause I feel like a failure, you may or may not have noticed I didn't update with a Fit Friday post re: my 30 day shred last week, the reason being is I still have not got back on the bandwagon. I am so mad at myself but yet I still couldn't manage to convince myself to just bloody do the shred. I had a miserable week the week before last and it seemed to carry itself over to last week.

I haven't been a total lazy bitch though, have been walking from Heuston to the city centre each morning and walked at the weekend with the boy. I hate to be one of those people making excuse so I’m not going to, I was just being lazy pure and simple.

I will however not be defeated, and I am a making a fresh start next Monday (after a hen weekend – vom) and I will crack on with Level 2, starting at day one again.

Apologies to the shred team on twitter for being a lazy mess, I promise I will be back on it next week!!

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