Friday, 14 June 2013

New Blog Banner –Thanks Pocket Ink!

LOOK UPPP – yes that is my new fancy swanshy banner!!! D’ye likkkeee!!!

This banner was designed my my lovely friend Shane who is an 
Animation Artist / Illustrator.

I think you will have to agree it looks pretty good,
 so a HUGGEEEEE thank you to Shane for putting it together for me!

Be sure to head over for to his blog Pocket Ink  for a look at all his other fantastic illustrations/animations like these ones below.

Also if you are looking for a re-design Shane is the man for the job, and all his contact details are over on the blog.

Pocket Ink

Let me know what you think!!


  1. ooh swankeeeeee :) Love it!!

  2. Agh that is fab! Definitely going to have a looksee!

  3. Oh it's goreous! Really works well with the blog. Fab illustrations, going to check his site out x


Let me know your thoughts!!!