Tuesday, 18 June 2013

NYC Foil Explosions = delish metallic nails!

I am a bit of a nail polish whore, I tend to buy at least one a week to add to the collection, so I was delira to receive these fab five NYC Foil Explosions at What Bloggers Did Next ( another huge thank you!)

If you haven't heard of NYC before well listen up, they are a fantastic pocket friendly brand that are dotted in various pharmacies nationwide and also in Pennys.

NYC are bang on trend with these metallic polishes, and they come in at the fantastic €1.99. I find myself staring at them, a bit like a magpie, and have received a heap of compliments on my shiny nails.

The five different shades are:
  • 010 pure air (orangey),
  • 011 power of elements (lilacy),
  • 012 enchanting fire (pinky/redy),
  • 013 aqua mystic (bluey),
  • 014 magic earth (greeny)
The staying power is pretty decent too, getting about 3 days chip free, bearing in mind I'm pretty rough on my paws!!

014 Magic Earth

011 Power of Elements

All in all I love these polishes and would defo recommend you spend the tenner on the collection, you will get so much wear all year round.


  1. Replies
    1. they are fab, def worth more than the price tag!

  2. They look GORGEOUS I really need to buy enchanting fire and give them a whirl :) x

    1. the enchanting fire really is gorg :) all thanks to you miss h!

  3. thanks for swatching them! not sure if I like them or not, I can't make my mind up!

    1. def worth picking one up breige for a goo!


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