Tuesday, 4 June 2013

What Bloggers Did Next–Blogger Meet Up

So over the weekend I went along to #whatbloggersdidnext which was an informal gathering of Irish bloggers in Dublin’s Hard Rock Cafe, all organised by the fabulous Katie of What Katie Healy Did Next (check her blog out here its fantastic).

It must be said that there was a mixture of excitement and nervousness heading to the meet up as I only know a lot of these girls over the interweb, and even at that I don't know them very well. It was grand sure, i found a lot of people were in the same boat when I arrived and it was great to finally put real life faces to the names. Needless to say I didn't get to chat to everyone but thanks to Orla ( @makeupovermind ) who complied a list of everyone in attendance (jaysus i sound like im doing the rolla scoile) I will defo have a lot more reading material.

When I arrived at the Hard Rock the tables were filled with that unmistakable pink glow of Cocoa Brown Tan bottles, jellies, mane and tail samples, and a bright shiny goody bag with the new NYC nail polishes. We were also given another, yes another goodie bag from Inglot, who did a make up demo for us when we popped over to the Jervis. Thank you all for the fantastic goodies, it is much appreciated.

So basically I want to say a mahooosive thank you to Katie, for getting a lot of us out of our comfort zone, and mingling with new people! You were a fabulous hostess and should be very proud of the event you organised!! Bravo!!!

If you were a little afraid or too anxious to come to this meet up, defo come to the next one, you wont regret it!


  1. Oooh, do some swatches of the NYC nail polish, I'm dying to know what it looks like! Sounds like an awesome day!

  2. love the inclusion of ryan g in this post. pity he didn't show up at the hard rock ;) x

    1. Oh jaysus imagine he rocked up #swoon x


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