Wednesday, 31 July 2013

10 Day You Challenge ¦ Day Five - 6 places

So its day five (you can see the other days in my blog roll), and six places. I'm gonna show you some of the places I have lived, and then one place that I want to visit. 

1. Australia - I lived here for 9 months, it was full of ups and downs, more ups thank god and finished on a high with my little bro joining me for 5 weeks travelling. A lot of things happened in oz, and I feel I have defo become a better person for it. It seems so long ago now, went straight after college in 2008!

2. Thailand - A few of us spent nearly three weeks in Thailand island hopping on the way to Oz. It was an unbelievable place, I fell in love with it. We travelled from Bangkok to koh samui, koh phi phi, koh phangnan, Phuket. I loved every single minute of it, and can not wait to go back again in the near future. Oh and my hair was pink :)

3. Alaska - I spent three months in Anchorage on a voluntary programme in 2010. I went on my own and met some of the best people I have ever come across. The snow was amazing, the cold is a different cold than Ireland, there are moose everywhere, its stunningly green when the snow melts. There was tattoos on feet and arses (not my arse), piercings, drinking and a lot of messing.

4. Toronto - I spent about 2 1/2 weeks here with three of my best friends (who were on a working visa) on my way home from Alaska. These three know how to drink so to say it was a mad time is an understatement. I got to see Niagara, share a house with 13 mad people, and bring my mate to hospital after she got ran down by a go kart (she worked at a go kart track) which resulted in a broken ankle and stitches in her leg!!

5. London - I moved over to London with the aim of working at the games. I worked at the games and loved it. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Apart from the games London was SHITE. It is not for me, and not for the boy. But I'll look at the bright side, and that is the games.

6. Croatia - I really really want to go here next summer for a few weeks to do some island hopping with the boy.

So that's that, I'm sure you can gather by now that I have pretty itchy feet, but I really believe that travel is important to broaden your horizons and to meet new people. I know that money dictates  this for many people but set up a wee holiday fund, take a leap of faith and enjoy your life while you are alive!!


  1. You've done some great travelling! :)

  2. Wow - I'm jealous of all your travelling! Croatia is AMAZING! You will love it! It's the only place on your list (other than London!) that I've been, but honestly it's fab!

  3. This is such a lovely idea!

    May have to do it myself. x

  4. Gorgeous photographs, you've been to some amazing places!


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