Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Its all coming together ¦ Life Update

Haven't done a 'me' piece in quiet a while so thought I would share with you all what has been going on.

Work wise: Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have a job, and am more than aware that I am not the only commuting, but MY commute was so long I was getting to the stage that I was so unhappy, my days were devoted to working, and that is not the way I want to love my life. 

I leave my house @ 6.20am to get the train.
The train gets me to Dublin in time to get the Luas to Abbey Street.
I then get the bus @ 8.05am from Eden Quay to Clonshaugh.
Start work at 9am, leaving for work 2 1/2 hours early, vom!

I get a lift towards fairview most evenings which means I can dash for the bus to Connolly.
Hop on the luas at Bus Aras.
Catch the 6.10 train.
Get a lift from the station, back in the house @ 6.50pm.
So I finish at five and get home just before 7pm.

Total travel of 4 1/2 hours per day, or 22.5 hours per week.

So anyway, I got me a car, finally, after 9 hard months of saving, I am back on the road. Wednesday was the first day to drive up and I made it to work in a record time of 50 mins, I simply cannot express how excited I was to have an extra hour in the bed, its amazing, and more importantly I will have time for me in the evenings!!! 

Education wise: You have probably seen me mention that I would ideally love a career in the disability sector, but life being what it is has not allowed me to do this with the degree and experience I hold. 

Basically since getting home I have contacted any disability services I can think of to find out what exactly I need to be employed by them. This was frustrating to say the least as most of them are employing people through community education schemes, and I was told by one that my best option was to quit my job to go unemployed for 6 months to be eligible for an internship. 

The internship/job bridge scheme in this country in my opinion is a complete shambles. I think that I should be allowed to apply for internships regardless of my employment status. It sometimes feels that having a degree that I worked very hard for is worth f all in this country. 

So instead of quitting my job and sitting voluntarily on my arse for six months, I have been flat out researching part time/distance learning degrees, and I am very glad to say that this week I was offered a place on a part time social care degree course in NUI Galway. I am under no illusion that this is going to be an easy feat between working full time and studying over the next four years, financially  it will be a struggle, but I am determined to keep working at getting the career I want. To say that I am excited to get back in to college mode is an understatement.

So all in all I feel like things are starting to fall in to place a bit more, and now believe more than ever that hard work really does pay off. No one is going to come to you and hand you all the things you want in life. Get up off your arse and make positive changes yourself. If you have to struggle for a while so be it, its better than sitting back and accepting things the way they are. Get rid of the negative attitude and take some positive steps. 


  1. Ahh congrats on the car, that was one hell of a commute before!

  2. Clonshaugh??? That's only up the road from me :) I'm glad things are coming together for you

  3. Aw! Delighted you got Wheels now!!! That is fantastic to have a bit of extra time in the evenings... more time to devote to Study!!!

  4. Woohoo delighted the drive went well. Nothing like some well deserved zzzz's

  5. Congratulations on the place and the car, fair play to you for doing something to make your life go the way you want it x


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