Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Paese Primer for Oily Skin ¦ Review

I cant quiet remember which one of the lovely ladies on twitter recommended this to me (shout out is it was you), but boy am I glad they did. 

Paese Matte Make-Up Base promises to mattify, smooth the skin surface, and hiding large pores in preparation for foundation application.  Like any primer essentially this means that you should get longer out of your foundation,
Paese is silicon based and contains vitamin E which according to the 'experts' restores skins youthful appearance. 

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Personally all I need from a primer is that it allows me to get longer out of my makeup, meaning that it will not be sliding off my face come lunch time. Well I can assure you Paese does that in a nutshell. 

I apply a small amount to my face after moisturising and give it a couple of mins to settle before applying foundation. It feels really smooth on the face, and gives my skin a more even texture. 

I'm not really fussed about the presentation of products but I must say this product feels more expensive than its price tag in the glass bottle with pump. The pump makes it very easy to control the amount of product you need also. 

Really can not recommend this highly enough, so if you have oily to combination skin this is defo a winner.

Its available in 15ml over on Cloud 10 beauty for a bargain €8.95.



  1. I love this primer.having tried lots of primers, I always return to this.

  2. This is a winner alright! I also love the nail polishes from this brand.

  3. I love this primer and my skin is dry but this leaves it silky but stops it getting greasy!

  4. Like Makeup Monster, I also have dry skin and I love this primer too! I'm nearly through my second bottle, it leaves my skin so soft and lovely. Brilliant brand.


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