Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Threading ¦ Upper Lip and Eyebrows

Out of my circle of eight friends, I am the only one who uses threading to de fuzz my eyebrows and upper lip! The main reason being that they have all heard how painful it is and therefore don’t want anything to do with it!! I on the other hand am firmly on the threading bandwagon and don’t think the ‘pain’ is all that bad, and my mam also agrees!

What is threading?
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If you are not familiar with threading, it is essentially an old Indian hair removal method. It uses thin cotton heavy duty thread, doubled overt and twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. If you are passing by a Body Shop stick your head in for a goo so you can have a better understanding of how it is done, or if you wanna just you tube it you will see the same.

Threading vs Waxing/Tweezing?
The main reason I prefer threading to waxing/tweezing is that the regrowth is shockingly slow. I could easily get 4-6 weeks from upper lip threading before I need to go back and even at that the hair appears very discreetly so you don’t need to go around worrying you have a Ronnie.  I also feel it is less harsh on my skin.

Does it hurt?
Yes it does hurt, there is no denying that, but it is not painful to the point that you can’t stand it. I think I have a pretty good pain threshold anyway so it doesn’t ever phase me having to get it done. If you have been considering getting it done, do not let the fear of it being sore put you off, it really is worth it.

How much does it cost?
Well I suppose like anything it depends where you go, I use The Body Shop walk in service and its €12 for brows, and €12 for upper lip. I think this is pretty standard across the board, and if you work the price out weekly it is not that bad.
When I was in London however I used to get both done for £7. I really feel the mark up in Ireland on threading is CRAZY , £7 compared to €24 for the same service, but sure hey what can I do about it, not a whole lot.

Tips on threading?
- If you are going on a night out, get your threading done the night before, you will be very red and if you have watery eyes like me, will look like you have been bawling.
- Avoid it at that time of the month as your skin may be super sensitive!
- Don’t wear eye makeup as it will end up mushed in to your face thanks to your watery eyes.
- Bring sunnies and a scarf to disguise the redness – or am I the only crazy vain one!
- Make it clear to the lady doing the threading what type of shape you want, I wasn't clear one time and ended up with a shape that I wasn't happy with but it was too flipping late then!
Threading can be used to remove hair in various different places so just have a chat with the lady that is doing it if you have any unwanted hair concerns!

Are you a threading convert yet??



  1. I pay €17 for brows in House of Fraser, I didn't know it was over priced, ill have to check out The Bodyshop! xxx

  2. I used to pay as little as £3 for my brows, but after watching a few youtube clips I just do it myself :) xx


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