Monday, 26 August 2013

10 Day You Challenge ¦ Day 6 - Five Foods

No. 1 Lamb - I can not even stomach the smell of this meat, I live beside the Curragh and this probably has a lot to do with it, I just cant imagine eating those cute little fluffy things!

No. 2 Pancakes - prob one of my fave foods, its easy, fast and delish!! 

No. 3  Fajitas - my fave dinner to make to share, its so easy, delish, and makes great sharing food!

No. 4 Stew - Mammys stew is the business on those shitty cold winter evenings. If you have never had an Irish stew you are missing out. 

No.5 Sweets - any shitty cheap bad for your teeth sweets I will eat them all, refresher bars, frosties, black jacks, fruit salads, sticks of rock, cola cubes, skittles, and if anyone in the USA wants to send over some twizzlers and milk duds they would be mucho appreciated. 

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  1. Oh I'm all with you on the stew and sweets - and I'll also take all the lamb you won't eat, mind you that picture of that cute little thing up there doesn't make me hungry........ ;-)


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