Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Essence - I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara ¦ Review

I am a big fan of essence, and spend AGES browsing through their stands in my local Dunnes and Pennys. Usually pick up clear mascaras and nail polishes so decided to this time  grab one of their mascaras I had seen rave reviews about online.

I <3 extreme crazy volume mascara is presented in a fab pink bottle, very eye catching, and retails at about €3.50 (cheap as chips).

This was love at first use. This mascara is better than my benefit mascara which retails at nearly 7 times the price.

The applicator is plastic so take it easy as it can be a bit scratchy if you are used to regular brushes.

It doesn't flake at all during the day, even when you have sleepy eyes that you are rubbing as often happens en route to work.

Its completely clump free, and very build able if you are looking for even more volume.

Another plus is that when I remove it at night, it comes off easily with eye make up remover, effortless.

Basically what you need to do next is get your little arses to your nearest Essence stand and buy this. Best €3.50 you will spend.

I can not wait to try their other mascaras when this one is done. 

Any other essences recs for me??

Có x


  1. Try Essence Maximum Definition Mascara in Black, its my favourite Essence Mascara! xxx

  2. Great! I need a new mascara. I want to try Catrices Doll eyes one too!


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