Friday, 23 August 2013

Everyday Lips: Reds and Corals

I'm a statement lip kinda gal, and when I'm not in work I find myself reaching for corals and reds as a day to day look. Here is a quick goo at the few I have been using constantly.

1. Catrice - This dark red is matte as matte can be, its fantastic. It lasts for ages, doesn't tend to smudge a lot, and doesn't dry out my lips. The silver holder also looks expensive and is really solid. This retails at about €4 in local chemist, and Pennys.

2. Max Factor Color Elixir -  If you are looking for a bright red long lasting lip this is what you need in your life. It does not come off, like I would often have traces the day after so there's durability for you right there!This retails @ €10.49 in Boots.

3. Lancome L'absolu Rouge - in the above pic this looks slightly pink but it is a gorgeous shade of red when built up on the lips. I am a huge fan of Lancome products and this is another great  product. It is soooo smooth and looks flipping fantastic on. Again it will last ages, doesnt need to be reapplied a lot. the packaging has magnets that draw the lid to the base which is great if you have a few drinkies. This retails @ €26.00 in Debenhams.
*gratefully received at blogger event

4. Rimmel by Kate - no. 12 is one of my fave all time lippies. I wore this color to death last summer and am still in love with it. It is a gorgeous coraly color, smooth, and fantastic staying power. Simply AH-MAZING. 

5. Rimmel by Kate - no.16 Seriously you need to own a lippie from this collection. I have a vast amount of colors in this range and am defo gonna pick up the ones I don't have This color is a lovely light coral/pink shade and is fantastic for a softer look, its nice for work. Again I LOVE this lippie. If you do not own a Rimmel by Kate you need to go and pick one up for just €6.99 in Boots. 
 *gratefully received at blogger event

So there you have it. Please let me know if you have any other reds/corals that I 'need' to add to my collection! 


  1. That Catrice one seems to pack a fair punch for a cheap price!

  2. I have one of the Catrice lilies and they last really well for a budget brand, fierce impressive altogether. Have you got Kate Moss for Rimmel 107? It's fabulous.


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