Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Nightline Parcel Motel

In celebration of their first birthday, Nightline Parcel Motel shared the love by sending out a parcel to my local Nightline Parcel Motel. (it included slippers, choccys and a hand towel, all mucho appreciated!)
If you are lost and have no idea what I am on about here is the low down on Parcel Motel.

How does it work?
Basically instead of getting something delivered to your own house, you use the address provided by Parcel Motel (on their website when you set up an account), and select your local Nightline Parcel Motel.  When they receive the package they will deliver it to your selected location.
You will know when your order has arrived as you will receive a text message with a code.
You pop along to your selected Nightline Parcel Motel location, enter your phone number, and code, and bobs your uncle, your locker will pop open and inside lies your goodies.

Why would you use Nightline Parcel Motel?
Well the major buy in for me on this is that you can avail of ‘free UK shipping’ as the Parcel Motel address you input is a Belfast one so yippee to that!! See you later ridic p&p rates to Ireland.
Also if you are never at home for the postman and are sick of trying to get to the collection centre, well here is your solution.

How much does it cost?
It will cost you €3.50 to get a package delivered to your selected motel. In my opinion this is great value. The boy ordered a lot of stuff online and the postage on one in particular was £15 for Irish delivery, and free for UK. So needless to say it made more sense to spend €3.50 than flipping £15.

Personally I think this is a great service and will defo be using it in the future. All of the details are available on www.parcelmotel.com so if you have an online ordering addiction like moi why not give it a go!!


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