Friday, 9 August 2013

Skincare Review ¦ Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash

If this is your first time reading I'll fill you in quickly, ever since having the implanon bar in my arm 3 ish years ago my skin has been to hell and back, and my back and shoulders have been baring the brunt of it. The word bacne makes me want to vomit in my mouth but I suppose a spade is a spade.
I had read mixed reviews on this Neutrogena wash but in desperation to get rid of the spots on my back I decided to give it a go. It smells good, the presentation is good, I had high hopes. I threw it in the shower and used it with a shower puff, gently rubbing it in to my back and shoulders every second day. 
After about two week of using this, the spots on my back were the worst they have been in about a year. My shoulders right down to my lower back was covered in horrible, sore, giant spots. I was a little distraught to be honest, and stopped using the Neutrogena straight away.
3/4 weeks on my back has calmed down a good bit and is starting to get under control. If you have never suffered acne you will not understand how an outbreak like this knocks your confidence, and I can assure you I am not making a mountain out of a mole hill.
I was majorly disappointed in this product, I think for me it was just way too harsh on my skin, and I can only thank the powers above that I didn't use it on my face.
I do not want this review to come across like I am slating the brand cause that is not my intention, as I said the Internet is full of mixed reviews, and a friend of mine uses this range and loves it. Different strokes for different folks eh.
However in my opinion, for what its worth, if you have bad acne anywhere I would avoid this product. It is simply too harsh.


  1. Oh no, I had the implanon bar in years ago too with horrible side effects! I have the Neutrogena pore & shine wash with the exfoliator and that's cleared up all my spots and breakouts great. Neutrogena has always worked well for me. Hope you find something that works x

  2. I had a sample sachet of that and I loved the smell. I'd say it would be very drying over time though.

    1. If it was drying on the skin may be worth teaming up with a hydrating moisturiser that could do the trick!!

  3. I used to have this. I thought it smelled like sick :(



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