Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Shopping Habits - SBBC Day 25

Over the past number of years I have defo become on online shopper rather than in store. Ebay is like heaven for me, I can find anything I like/need on it, and the prices are always affordable. I am a fiend of using the app on my phone late at night and coming across loads of trinkets, my Da even calls now saying 'another necklace from Hong Kong arrived'.

Asos is another fave of mine online, it really is the bees knees for having up to date fashion, amazing sales, and covers pretty much everything from shoes, to bags, to makeup. It always has a really great mens section too which the boy quiet likes. Asos marketplace has great finds too.
Etsy is something I have recently come across, and am enthralled by the amazingness of it all. Its full of handcrafted and one of a kind things which will capture your imagination. I will defo be picking up a few christmas presents this year.
When I am not shopping online the shops I tend to frequent are:
Forever 21 - I usually do a haul here twice a year and have never ever left the store empty handed.

River Island - This is where I get my winter boots every year, they are not cheap but they are guaranteed to last.

Zara - have the best jeans, the best parkas, and really just a great all rounder.

Pennys/Primark - well there is not much to say here apart from bang on trend, value for money, and huge variety. I love this store. I get most of my work wear here, statement jewellery here, shoes, underwear, cocoa brown tan, catrice and essence makeup. 

OMG i wanna go shopping now!!!!

Có x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I wear my fave quote on my feet : SBBC Day 22

I have a huge grá for tattoos and I got one of my favorite quotes tattooed on my feet back in Alaska in 2010. The pain was horrendous, but I love them so it was worth it. These will forever remind me to not take any shit, stand up for myself, and stand up for my beliefs.

"If you stand for nothing.... You will fall for anything"

Blogging Advice - Not that I'm an expert : SBBC Day 21

I was a bit weary about writing this post cause I am my no means some blogging expert, but sure I'll go ahead and tell you a few things I have learned that will hopefully help someone who is new to blogging. 

Be yourself - what interests you? Your personality will shine through in your blog posts if you write as yourself. Reading 'reviews' that are samey samey is BORING! Also don't be afraid to diversify, your blog does not have to be just beauty, or just fashion, mixed blogs are fantastic to read. 

Interact with other bloggers - twitter is absolutely fantastic for getting to know other bloggers. You will be able to draw inspiration from these people and it will also give you a fantastic sense of community. 

Social Media - bloglovin, instagram, and twitter and fantastic for getting your blog out there!

Like how your blog looks - their is no 'set way' of how your blog should look, mess around with it as much as you like. There are fantastic tutorials online and it may take months but you will get the hang of html codes etc and get the hang of how to decorate your own space!

Do not expect anything - just cause you have reviewed a product, that doesn't mean that you are 'entitled' to free stuff off the company, the PR company and product itself owes you nothing. If you are in blogging for events and free stuff it will shine through and you probably wont be too successful.

Blog when you want to blog - you don't need to blog everyday in order to hold the interest of readers. If blog posts are forced this will be fairly obvious. You are better off writing when you feel like it and want to. Quality over quantity. 

Carry a notebook - you might find inspiration for a blog post at random moments so keep a not of these and you can come back to them whenever you need some inspiration!

I'm sure there are far more 'established' bloggers who will have wiser words for you, but these are my two cents for what they are worth.


10 products under a €10 - SBBC Day 20

Here are a few things that I love that cost me under a tenner:

This fab chain that i nabbed on ebay cost me €5.99 including postage. I love it, it really perks up a plain black outfit!

After reading all of your storage posts I have been inspired to do an overhaul on my room (as I cant see myself leaving my mams for a while). This acrylic heart shaped storage cost me €5.69 including postage on ebay.

These pots of deliciousness are €1.50 (approx) which you might think is a little expensive for a yogurt, but these glass pots double as as candle holders, desk tidys, lipliner/eyeliner holders, and loads of other storage type things!

Meet Jess - my gorgeous border collie. I picked up her fab bandanna collar on ebay for €6. She looks lovely don't ya think!!

I have a new love for eyeshadow since discovering Maybelline Color Tattoo's. They are fab (I will do a more in dept review) and retail at €7.49

Best matte base primer you will use. If you have oilyish skin you need this Paese primer in your life. Its about €7/€8 on 

I have spoken over and over about the fantastic quality of the Kate for Rimmel lippies, they are €6.99 and flipping amazing.

Dotting tools are all over ebay and if you love nail art you need to grab some. I got a set of five for about €4 including postage.  

Keeping with nail varnish, i really don't think you can go wrong with Catrice. Cheap cheerful and long lasting.
via catrice website
 If you love the caviar manicure but don't want to fork out for Ciate, grab these great little jars for about €3 on ebay. They are soooo pretty!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Hot Waxing - Whats it all about?

Most of us ladies have experienced waxing in some way shape or form, and to be honest the general consensus is that you leave your dignity at the door and accept the fact that it is going to hurt like hell.

Well today I'm going to tell you what to expect if you are going for your first wax, and secondly my recommendation for hot wax vs strip wax. So lets begin....

If you've never had your hoo haa waxed it is nice to know what to expect when going to the beauticians. There are loads of different 'styles' of bikini waxing available so its good to have some idea what you want going in: 
1. Bikini = the sides, 
2. Extended bikini = further in toward the middle, 
3. Californian = thick landing strip, kinda like a thong line, 
4. Brazilian = underneath waxed and thin landing strip, 
5. Hollywood = ALL gone!
For no.1 and no.2 you will usually keep your knicks on, and just have to remove your trousers, you can also ask for disposable knicks if you like. Any of the other you need to know that you will be nakey from the waist down. As this can be quiet daunting it is important to find a beauticians you are comfortable with or that has been recommended. Also you need to remember that these ladies are professionals, they see hoo haa's every day of the week so yours is no different, just relax.

I would like to take this opportunity to HIGHLY recommend Sharon's Urban Escape (S.U.E) in Newbridge Co. Kildare. S.U.E is located on the backstreet of Newbridge and really lives up to its name by screaming luxury when you walk in the door. It really is hard to believe you have just walked in from a busy town as you can hear nothing but relaxing music, smell lovely candles and basically a over all sense of calm. I had never met Sharon before my first appointment there last year so naturally I was a little nervous going in for my waxing, but from the minute I walked in Sharon was so nice, and explained EVERYTHING, I knew I was in good hands. Sharon had years of experience managing a beauticians before opening her own place, and this really shows in her level of professionalism. Sharon offers a customer loyalty scheme with a couple of various things including waxing. For example she will remind you every 6 weeks via text to return for your waxing, and on your sixth occasion it will be free! 

In relation to the pain factor of waxing, since getting mine done in S.U.E there has been little to no pain, and this is down to the use of Lycon Hot Wax, and of course Sharon knowing what she is doing! Lycon hot wax is different from regular wax as it is a much higher temperature (which can take a little getting used to) and instead of using a strip to remove the wax, hot wax essentially sets/hardens on the area and then pulled off directly.

If you have been contemplating waxing for a while have a chat with your mates and look for good recommendations  Similarly if you are thinking of returning to waxing after a bad experience also get some good recommendations and look for hot wax! If you are in the Kildare area, make an appointment with Sharon, you really cant go wrong! Pssstt... if you are @ Kildare Village shopping, treat yourself on the way home as S.U.E is only a stones throw away!

Có x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mane n Tail Anti Dandruff ¦ Review

You might remember I reviewed Mane 'n Tail colour protect shampoo and conditioner a few months ago (here) and pretty much hated it, much to my own disappointment, so when I was approached to give the anti dandruff one a shot, I explained that I had not gotten on with the colour one and was a little reluctant. So many people LOVE this brand and I was still disappointed that I didn't so I decided to give it a shot.

When it comes to anti dandruff shampoos they generally strip your colour but Mane n Tail tell us that this shampoo and conditioner in fact helps to protect colour treated hair, as well as leaving hair shiny and silky. To stop itching and flaking mane and tail have combined olive oil and 1% Combines nourishing olive oil to strengthen Pyrithione Zinc. 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty did this stuff do the job. I don't have a huge problem with dandruff so I cant vouch for the power of snow free shoulders but I can vouch for how different, in a good way, this was compared to the colour protect version. 

I can get suds in my hair effortlessly, I feel like I am getting a really good wash and even before applying conditioner I could def get a brush through my hair. 

The conditioner is really nice too, not too heavy at all, and only a little bit is needed therefore you will get yonks out of your bottle. I feel like my hair looks a lot healthier than it had been looking, and my colour definitely has not faded since using this shampoo.

The RRP is €13.95 each for these bad boys!

So all in all GREAT JOB Mane n Tail. I really enjoyed using these two products, and am so glad I get the hype now!!

*pr sample received gratefully

MAC Stuido Fix Foundation ¦ Review - SBBC Day 17

Wow cant believe we are half way through September already, have discovered some great new blogs through the #SBBC on twitter, so go on and have a goo if your looking for new reading material, and if you have no idea what SBBC is, have a goo here!

So its day 17 and I'm gonna talk about a product I just don't get all the hype about: MAC Studio Fix Foundation.

I know so many people that swear by MAC foundation, its all over the blogosphere, there is generally no escaping it, and well lets just say it was like world peace had been reached with the cries of joy when they released lighter shades to suit us pasty lot.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon a month or two ago as I always have issues with getting light enough foundation. I picked up Studio Fix Foundation in shade NW10. 


Lets start off on a positive note with the shade, its fantastic, plain and simple, it looks fantastic and really does match my skin tone, it also has a nice distinctive smell that doesn't transfer to skin.

Ok well that's really all I have to say in the positive category unfortunately. Le Sigh!

The lasting power is SHOCKING, it looks great on my face for a half hour tops then starts to what only can be described as melting off. It sinks in to my pores (even though I always wear primer and have tried a few different ones). By lunch time I look shocking. 

I am soo soo disappointed because I have shelled out €36 euros on something that is essentially useless to me know. I have been trying to make the most out of it by mixing with my other foundations to lighten them but it still feels like such a disappointment and I just don't get what the hype is all about with this foundation.

Maybe it is just my skin type so please do give it a go and see if it works for you rather than going on my words alone.

I love most other MAC products and find their counter staff absolutely fantastic, so it pains me to give this review. 

Note to self: Get samples before buying full bottle of foundation next time. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Wish list - SBBC Day 15

Wish list SBBC

Here are a few bits and bobs I am hoping to pick up before the end of the year, nothing too extravagent, so should be manageable.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Eye Candy - Day 15 SBBC

So its sunday and we could all do with a good look a few fine things!

As you have prob guessed from my profile, and pics of my boy I LOVE hairy bearded tatooed men. So here a few that make me weak at the knees.
Charlie Hunnam... (Actor - Sons of Anarchy)

Billy Huxley... (Model)

Simon Neil... (Biffy Clyro)

Tom Hardy... (Actor)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Learning to knit and crochet - SBBC Day 13

I made a deal with myself at the start of the year that I was going to learn a craft, and that when I eventually have kids that I will be able to teach them something. 

I decided that learning to work with wool would be a good start so I took myself off the the wool shop and got needles, wool, and a pattern for a baby cardigan. My mam was able to teach me the basics thank god cause it was hard going. Even thought it took me a long haul to get it done, I did it, and am very proud of it, its not perfect but the next one will be better.

Crocheting was next on my list, and my god this was so much easier than learning to knit. I learned how to crochet from looking at videos on youtube, the crochet crowd is fantastic and full of easy to follow tutorials. Check them out. I made this blanket in about two weeks doing a couple of rows a night. It was so easy I couldn't believe it. My next project is to crochet some wristers for the winter. 

After becoming inspired by The Crafty Oul Biddies I picked up a hand knitting loom set on ebay for about €15 and have great plans for hats and snood being made on this. Again youtube thought me how to make this weenie hat but it was good to learn the technique on a smaller scale.

If you find yourself saying 'God I'd love to give that a go', then why don't you, go on give it a shot!!

Any other crafts you can suggest for me to give a go?

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Take my advice - SBBC Day 12

I do not have a lot of regrets in my life, 
but I have a bit of advice to offer all the same:

1. Be yourself - stop giving a f about what the 'cool' kids think, the likelihood is you will never really be part of their gang and tbh you are better off not being part of the gang.


2. Keep working toward the things you want to achieve in life whether it be career, travel, relationships etc. If you work hard and keep going things will come together, 
hard work pays off.

3. Try  more sports and activities - this is the best way to meet friends, have fun, and to experience different things. 

4. Party as much as you can in college, they will be some of the best days of your life. 


5. Do not settle - this goes for everything but in particular in relationships. Do not settle for someone who you do not feel head over heels for. Life is too fucking short. Who cares if you are the only single one in your gang of friends, take life as it comes!!

6. Get as many piercings as you like, when you join the 'professional' world you will be limited so go hell for leather when you can.

7. Dye your hair as many colors as you like, again you will have the rest of your life to have 'regular hair' so go mad!

The back of Amber's rainbow hair

8. Travel the world, see as much of it as you can, it changes you as a person, it makes you a better person, it opens your eyes. 

9. Live the life you want, not what you think other people expect from you.

10. Don't make the effort with people who dont make the effort with you. There are plenty of people out there who want you in their lives, expend your energy on them, not the assholes who dont care. 




Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff - the EASY way to remove fake tan!

If you have no idea who or what Cocoa Brown is have a quick read here to get yourself up to date. Just so you know, Cocoa Brown tan is the bees knees, you need it in your life!

The next thing you will need in your life is Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. This is essentially a body exfoliator that can be used before tanning, or after tanning to remove. 

Get this, its PINK!! Like actual pink product inside the pink packaging. That's is serious branding genius! Bravo ladies of Cocoa Brown, Bravo!!!

Tough Stuff is simply a god send when it comes to removing those blasted bits of tan that wont fade off naturally, I used it in the shower in long swooping movements (as stated on the directions) and voila I was casper the ghost again. I also used Tough Stuff to prep my skin two days before tanning. It smoothed out the skin and got rid of any little dry patches that may have been hiding.

Tough Stuff comes in a sachet at the moment and you would easily get three goes from it. I have heard there will be a tube version very soon which I will be running to the shop to pick up. The combination of the tanning mitt, the tan, and now this is simply fantastic! I love it all! And its Irish so whats not to love?!

Cocoa Brown has taken the nation and can be found in most chemist, and Pennys. If you have not tried this stuff it is a must have. It costs €3.50 and is worth every penny and more. 


*gratefully received as a PR sample

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How do we make friends as adults?

There was a post on a few weeks back asking how do we make friends as adults. I was so surprised by the amount of people that commented saying how tough they find it to make friends as an adult.

When we are small our friends circle is easily formed in school, and a lot of these friendships probably carried on in to secondary school.

I am one of these people that is completely stumped how to make friends as an adult. I am lucky to have a great circle of friends but two of them have moved away to forgein lands, two have families, and then the other three are pretty much on my level but we all never seem to do things together. We don't hold the same interests, for example I would love to go to random gigs and they don't want to (which is fair enough), I would like to do outdoorsy stuff which is most of their ideas of hell (again this is totes ok). 

Also in college I made some fantastic friends, but I feel that over the years these have frayed a bit due to location mainly.

Basically I would like to extend my friend group and meet people who share some common interests with me!

A couple of weeks ago I joined my local hockey team in an effort to make some new friends and take up a new hobbie. I have never played hockey before but chose this as I felt that the age demographic of the sport was suited to me! One of my friends came along and thank god she did as I felt soooo nervous, and she did too, we were a pack of nervous nellys waiting in the car. Its early days and I cant say we have made new friends YET but I think we are taking a step in the right direction.

I also start college (again) this week so am hoping I may form a few new friendships there!

Id love to hear how you have made new friends, or how you are planning to make new friends??

How I got my blog name - SBBC Day 11

I did a little intro to myself last year but for anyone who wasn't around back then I'll quickly tell you how I got my blog name.

When I get tired I get grouchy, like really grouchy, I need a solid 7 hours a night, no questions asked, the boy called my Oscar when I got like this, as in Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar lives in a bin and from there Views From a Tin Bin was born. 


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beauty Pet Peeves - SBBC Day 10

So I am back from a fab relaxed break in achill and ready to get stuck in to the week ahead. So lets get cracking with my beauty pet peeves.

1. Orange foundation - when I see young girls that have that very distinctive line around their face I CRINGE for them!! Why oh why hasn't their mam or anyone showed them how to colour match!! It is simply not a good look.

2. Counter staff who cant color match - I have no problem paying 40 odd quid on a foundation but what I do have a huge problem with is when the staff at the beauty counter don't have a notion what kind of color to match you to. I used to have complete faith in them and would end up going home chuffed, then when applying the foundation the next day realising I was a completely different colour to my neck. It really pisses me off, I wish brands would put money in to training their blooming staff.

3. Chipped nail varnish - I cant abide chipped nail varnish on my own hands. It drives me mental. I have to fix it up, or take it off and start again.

4. Layering fake eyelashes - why oh why is there a need for people to layer up eyelashes. You look ridic, I can not see your blooming eyes they are so heavy set.

5. Crappy extensions - how anyone thinks that scraggy bits of hair that clearly are not put in right look good is beyond me. Seriously your own hair looks better than badly put in or DIY straight scraggly horse tails.

6. Lipstick on teeth - How does this happen, like I am pretty good at applying my lipstick but sometimes it still ends up on my teeth, and I have no idea how. Grrr!!

7. Mahoosive eyebrows - I am all on for filling in eyebrows and do mine daily but for the love of god those things that resemble caterpillars are simply NOT COOL. ughhh!

via google images

Monday, 9 September 2013

Collecting Toys in the Cereal: SBBC Day 9

When I was small (er) my and the bro used to KILL each other over the toy that came in the cereal. My poor Ma must have been driven demented listening to us every morning hoping and praying for the toy. You would swear it was  a bar of gold the way we used to go on. 


I had a windowsill FULL of this plastic little toys ranging from the wheetos professor, to reflectors for bikes, to aliens. I only got rid of them a couple of years ago and tbh I'm raging I did now.

Where has the fun in eating cereal disappeared to though, they don't give away toys in the cereal anymore, and no doubt this is down to some health and safety SHITE!!! Even as a 27 year old 'professional' I'm pretty sure I would still row with my brother if there was a toy in the cereal.

Bring back the 90s, and bring back the toy in the cereal!!!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Makeup for Work - SBBC Day 7

So ladies and gents its day 7 of SBBC and today I'm going to go through makeup look I wear to work everyday.

I work in an office that has a smart casual dress code so I try to adopt my makeup look to suit this too, I don't wanna rock up looking like I'm ready for a night on the town.

So here are a list of the products I have been using over the past couple of weeks (some are new so as I do reviews I will update this post):

Foundation : My everyday work foundation of choice is Revlon Colorstay (which I previously reviewed) and in the past few weeks I have been mixing it up with Mac Studio Fix in shade NW10 (snow white eat yer heart out). I love the Revlon as it lasts all day and gives great coverage without being too 'caked on' looking.


I apply this with my real techniques buffing brush which is simply fantastic for making the foundation look like a second skin almost.

Blush : I have been using the Bourjois Cream Blush in shade 02. This is DIVINE. Its a corally type colour that gives my skin that little bit of colour it requires. I love everything about this blush, the texture the application, the packaging.

I apply my blush using my Real Techniques contour brush.

Eyes: I'm not really one for eyeshadow tbh as I just really cant be arsed in the mornings, BUTTTT I have been trying to get better at this and for the past two weeks I have been using my Maybelline Color Tattoos. They defo up my 'everyday' look and I'm loving them! I wear them completely on their own (cant be dealing with building colour's at that hour) and think they look great. They crease a little near the end of the day but nothing a smudging with your finger wont sort out.

I apply these with my fingers and then (if I have time) blend them out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush.

I have been using the Essence 'I love extreme crazy volume' (the pink one) mascara (which I reviewed here) and it does the trick. Nice wide eyes everyday going in to work.

For my brows I use the Catrice eyebrow pencil and clear gel mascara.

Highlighter: I have only recently started to understand how to 'use' highlighter correctly, the Catrice Prime and Fine highlighter being my product of choice. I apply a small amount to my cheek bones to temples, and down my nose. No idea if this is 'right' but sure it looks nice anyway!

I apply this using my Lancome cheek and contour brush which I love. It sooo soft!!!

Powder: I wouldn't feel complete without powder (and my face would probably slide off without) and the one I have been using for months and months is the Catrice Prime and Fine Translucent Powder. I think I have mentioned this before but here goes again, its essentially a loose white powder. When applied to the face it DOES NOT remain white, it is completely translucent and sets everything perfect. I really really love this as it doesn't give that real powdery matte finish.

Lips: As much as I love a statement lip, in work I opt for more neutral tones and the one I have on my desk and reach for everyday is the Revlon Lip Butter in shade 045 Cotton Candy. Its a gorgeous baby pink tone which brightens up the look without being too in your face. 

via google images

I'm not one for selfies so I hope the product pics suffice for now!!
  So that's what my face is made up of going in to work (scarlet for me maaa), have you used any of these products, or if you have any other recommendations throw them out at me!

Có x