Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beauty Pet Peeves - SBBC Day 10

So I am back from a fab relaxed break in achill and ready to get stuck in to the week ahead. So lets get cracking with my beauty pet peeves.

1. Orange foundation - when I see young girls that have that very distinctive line around their face I CRINGE for them!! Why oh why hasn't their mam or anyone showed them how to colour match!! It is simply not a good look.

2. Counter staff who cant color match - I have no problem paying 40 odd quid on a foundation but what I do have a huge problem with is when the staff at the beauty counter don't have a notion what kind of color to match you to. I used to have complete faith in them and would end up going home chuffed, then when applying the foundation the next day realising I was a completely different colour to my neck. It really pisses me off, I wish brands would put money in to training their blooming staff.

3. Chipped nail varnish - I cant abide chipped nail varnish on my own hands. It drives me mental. I have to fix it up, or take it off and start again.

4. Layering fake eyelashes - why oh why is there a need for people to layer up eyelashes. You look ridic, I can not see your blooming eyes they are so heavy set.

5. Crappy extensions - how anyone thinks that scraggy bits of hair that clearly are not put in right look good is beyond me. Seriously your own hair looks better than badly put in or DIY straight scraggly horse tails.

6. Lipstick on teeth - How does this happen, like I am pretty good at applying my lipstick but sometimes it still ends up on my teeth, and I have no idea how. Grrr!!

7. Mahoosive eyebrows - I am all on for filling in eyebrows and do mine daily but for the love of god those things that resemble caterpillars are simply NOT COOL. ughhh!

via google images


  1. Hehe!! The eyebrow pic made me giggle.. After I gasped!! And yes, nothing worse than staff who can't match :( x

  2. Hahahaha I think everyone picked the eyebrows! That picture is gas, sums a lot of it up right there :)x

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