Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Blogging Advice - Not that I'm an expert : SBBC Day 21

I was a bit weary about writing this post cause I am my no means some blogging expert, but sure I'll go ahead and tell you a few things I have learned that will hopefully help someone who is new to blogging. 

Be yourself - what interests you? Your personality will shine through in your blog posts if you write as yourself. Reading 'reviews' that are samey samey is BORING! Also don't be afraid to diversify, your blog does not have to be just beauty, or just fashion, mixed blogs are fantastic to read. 

Interact with other bloggers - twitter is absolutely fantastic for getting to know other bloggers. You will be able to draw inspiration from these people and it will also give you a fantastic sense of community. 

Social Media - bloglovin, instagram, and twitter and fantastic for getting your blog out there!

Like how your blog looks - their is no 'set way' of how your blog should look, mess around with it as much as you like. There are fantastic tutorials online and it may take months but you will get the hang of html codes etc and get the hang of how to decorate your own space!

Do not expect anything - just cause you have reviewed a product, that doesn't mean that you are 'entitled' to free stuff off the company, the PR company and product itself owes you nothing. If you are in blogging for events and free stuff it will shine through and you probably wont be too successful.

Blog when you want to blog - you don't need to blog everyday in order to hold the interest of readers. If blog posts are forced this will be fairly obvious. You are better off writing when you feel like it and want to. Quality over quantity. 

Carry a notebook - you might find inspiration for a blog post at random moments so keep a not of these and you can come back to them whenever you need some inspiration!

I'm sure there are far more 'established' bloggers who will have wiser words for you, but these are my two cents for what they are worth.



  1. I really like the blog when you want to blog tip. I've been struggling with blogger's block lately and sometimes I do feel guilty about not posting more often, but honestly if I did it would probably be obvious to the reader that my heart wasn't in it and that's not really good for either of us.

  2. Great tips, i started to jot things down in a notebook as well when the inspiration strikes. Also i blog when i want too, not because i have too. Is still just a hobby so i like to keep things fun.


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