Thursday, 12 September 2013

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff - the EASY way to remove fake tan!

If you have no idea who or what Cocoa Brown is have a quick read here to get yourself up to date. Just so you know, Cocoa Brown tan is the bees knees, you need it in your life!

The next thing you will need in your life is Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. This is essentially a body exfoliator that can be used before tanning, or after tanning to remove. 

Get this, its PINK!! Like actual pink product inside the pink packaging. That's is serious branding genius! Bravo ladies of Cocoa Brown, Bravo!!!

Tough Stuff is simply a god send when it comes to removing those blasted bits of tan that wont fade off naturally, I used it in the shower in long swooping movements (as stated on the directions) and voila I was casper the ghost again. I also used Tough Stuff to prep my skin two days before tanning. It smoothed out the skin and got rid of any little dry patches that may have been hiding.

Tough Stuff comes in a sachet at the moment and you would easily get three goes from it. I have heard there will be a tube version very soon which I will be running to the shop to pick up. The combination of the tanning mitt, the tan, and now this is simply fantastic! I love it all! And its Irish so whats not to love?!

Cocoa Brown has taken the nation and can be found in most chemist, and Pennys. If you have not tried this stuff it is a must have. It costs €3.50 and is worth every penny and more. 


*gratefully received as a PR sample

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  1. Love your little bee! This stuff is amazing, will be first in line to pick up the tube when it's released. x


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