Monday, 2 September 2013

Favourite Jewellery : SBBC day 2

My favourite piece of jewellery I own is my 'History of Ireland' ring which I received for my birthday from the boy. 

It is a thick heavy silver band that through engravings shows us the history of this gorgeous country.

I first heard/saw one of these a few years back and as a major history nerd I knew I had to have one eventually.

Narrow Band 8mm Ring

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Starting from left to right here are what each symbol depicts:
1. Circle of life
2. St Patrick
3. Round Towers
4. Vikings
5. Norman Invasion
6. Battle of the Boyne
7. United Irishmen
8. Irish Flag
9. Famine
10. Famine Ships
11. GPO
12. Partition

I wont go in to too much detail but if you are interested in reading more in to these you can check out 

The collection is also available in Fields if you are interested in picking one up.


pssssttt.... If you dont know what SBBC is click here 


  1. I love this!! What a great idea, I know someone else really big into history too, I think they'd really like that. Lovely gift!

    1. Its a proper heavy oul ring to so will last forever I reckon!!

  2. Replies
    1. They have an entire collection the bangle is nice too but a bit pricey!


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