Monday, 23 September 2013

Hot Waxing - Whats it all about?

Most of us ladies have experienced waxing in some way shape or form, and to be honest the general consensus is that you leave your dignity at the door and accept the fact that it is going to hurt like hell.

Well today I'm going to tell you what to expect if you are going for your first wax, and secondly my recommendation for hot wax vs strip wax. So lets begin....

If you've never had your hoo haa waxed it is nice to know what to expect when going to the beauticians. There are loads of different 'styles' of bikini waxing available so its good to have some idea what you want going in: 
1. Bikini = the sides, 
2. Extended bikini = further in toward the middle, 
3. Californian = thick landing strip, kinda like a thong line, 
4. Brazilian = underneath waxed and thin landing strip, 
5. Hollywood = ALL gone!
For no.1 and no.2 you will usually keep your knicks on, and just have to remove your trousers, you can also ask for disposable knicks if you like. Any of the other you need to know that you will be nakey from the waist down. As this can be quiet daunting it is important to find a beauticians you are comfortable with or that has been recommended. Also you need to remember that these ladies are professionals, they see hoo haa's every day of the week so yours is no different, just relax.

I would like to take this opportunity to HIGHLY recommend Sharon's Urban Escape (S.U.E) in Newbridge Co. Kildare. S.U.E is located on the backstreet of Newbridge and really lives up to its name by screaming luxury when you walk in the door. It really is hard to believe you have just walked in from a busy town as you can hear nothing but relaxing music, smell lovely candles and basically a over all sense of calm. I had never met Sharon before my first appointment there last year so naturally I was a little nervous going in for my waxing, but from the minute I walked in Sharon was so nice, and explained EVERYTHING, I knew I was in good hands. Sharon had years of experience managing a beauticians before opening her own place, and this really shows in her level of professionalism. Sharon offers a customer loyalty scheme with a couple of various things including waxing. For example she will remind you every 6 weeks via text to return for your waxing, and on your sixth occasion it will be free! 

In relation to the pain factor of waxing, since getting mine done in S.U.E there has been little to no pain, and this is down to the use of Lycon Hot Wax, and of course Sharon knowing what she is doing! Lycon hot wax is different from regular wax as it is a much higher temperature (which can take a little getting used to) and instead of using a strip to remove the wax, hot wax essentially sets/hardens on the area and then pulled off directly.

If you have been contemplating waxing for a while have a chat with your mates and look for good recommendations  Similarly if you are thinking of returning to waxing after a bad experience also get some good recommendations and look for hot wax! If you are in the Kildare area, make an appointment with Sharon, you really cant go wrong! Pssstt... if you are @ Kildare Village shopping, treat yourself on the way home as S.U.E is only a stones throw away!

Có x


  1. Thanks for the heads-up, might schedule a wee visit next time I'm out at Kildare Village!

    1. if you don't buy the whole village first :) x

  2. Every time I hear or see the word wax I cross my legs, I had such a bad experience with home waxing strips that it put me off for life! Nice to hear of good experiences, I did hear a good tip from a friend who goes for them regularly - to wear a maxi dress instead of jeans, apparently she said she didn't feel as 'exposed' having to roll the dress up as she would have if she had to remove her trousers. So she says anyway! x


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