Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How do we make friends as adults?

There was a post on a few weeks back asking how do we make friends as adults. I was so surprised by the amount of people that commented saying how tough they find it to make friends as an adult.

When we are small our friends circle is easily formed in school, and a lot of these friendships probably carried on in to secondary school.

I am one of these people that is completely stumped how to make friends as an adult. I am lucky to have a great circle of friends but two of them have moved away to forgein lands, two have families, and then the other three are pretty much on my level but we all never seem to do things together. We don't hold the same interests, for example I would love to go to random gigs and they don't want to (which is fair enough), I would like to do outdoorsy stuff which is most of their ideas of hell (again this is totes ok). 

Also in college I made some fantastic friends, but I feel that over the years these have frayed a bit due to location mainly.

Basically I would like to extend my friend group and meet people who share some common interests with me!

A couple of weeks ago I joined my local hockey team in an effort to make some new friends and take up a new hobbie. I have never played hockey before but chose this as I felt that the age demographic of the sport was suited to me! One of my friends came along and thank god she did as I felt soooo nervous, and she did too, we were a pack of nervous nellys waiting in the car. Its early days and I cant say we have made new friends YET but I think we are taking a step in the right direction.

I also start college (again) this week so am hoping I may form a few new friendships there!

Id love to hear how you have made new friends, or how you are planning to make new friends??


  1. Never really had issues making friends.... My last job was in a cinema and all the staff started at the same time, because it was just opening that was a prime opportunity and I'm still friends with those people. When I came out as a lesbian in my early 20s it was difficult to make friends in the LGBT community but there's a local LGBT social group here now and I've made some new mates there!!

  2. I'm joining a book club in October, which i think should be a great way to make new friends. I also think blogging and twitter have been fantastic for it and college doing my post grad of course! Congrats on your new course by the way, very exciting!


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