Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mane n Tail Anti Dandruff ¦ Review

You might remember I reviewed Mane 'n Tail colour protect shampoo and conditioner a few months ago (here) and pretty much hated it, much to my own disappointment, so when I was approached to give the anti dandruff one a shot, I explained that I had not gotten on with the colour one and was a little reluctant. So many people LOVE this brand and I was still disappointed that I didn't so I decided to give it a shot.

When it comes to anti dandruff shampoos they generally strip your colour but Mane n Tail tell us that this shampoo and conditioner in fact helps to protect colour treated hair, as well as leaving hair shiny and silky. To stop itching and flaking mane and tail have combined olive oil and 1% Combines nourishing olive oil to strengthen Pyrithione Zinc. 

So lets get down to the nitty gritty did this stuff do the job. I don't have a huge problem with dandruff so I cant vouch for the power of snow free shoulders but I can vouch for how different, in a good way, this was compared to the colour protect version. 

I can get suds in my hair effortlessly, I feel like I am getting a really good wash and even before applying conditioner I could def get a brush through my hair. 

The conditioner is really nice too, not too heavy at all, and only a little bit is needed therefore you will get yonks out of your bottle. I feel like my hair looks a lot healthier than it had been looking, and my colour definitely has not faded since using this shampoo.

The RRP is €13.95 each for these bad boys!

So all in all GREAT JOB Mane n Tail. I really enjoyed using these two products, and am so glad I get the hype now!!

*pr sample received gratefully

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  1. I got on well with these too after the initial mistake of using WAY too much product - haven't had dandruff since!


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