Thursday, 26 September 2013

My Shopping Habits - SBBC Day 25

Over the past number of years I have defo become on online shopper rather than in store. Ebay is like heaven for me, I can find anything I like/need on it, and the prices are always affordable. I am a fiend of using the app on my phone late at night and coming across loads of trinkets, my Da even calls now saying 'another necklace from Hong Kong arrived'.

Asos is another fave of mine online, it really is the bees knees for having up to date fashion, amazing sales, and covers pretty much everything from shoes, to bags, to makeup. It always has a really great mens section too which the boy quiet likes. Asos marketplace has great finds too.
Etsy is something I have recently come across, and am enthralled by the amazingness of it all. Its full of handcrafted and one of a kind things which will capture your imagination. I will defo be picking up a few christmas presents this year.
When I am not shopping online the shops I tend to frequent are:
Forever 21 - I usually do a haul here twice a year and have never ever left the store empty handed.

River Island - This is where I get my winter boots every year, they are not cheap but they are guaranteed to last.

Zara - have the best jeans, the best parkas, and really just a great all rounder.

Pennys/Primark - well there is not much to say here apart from bang on trend, value for money, and huge variety. I love this store. I get most of my work wear here, statement jewellery here, shoes, underwear, cocoa brown tan, catrice and essence makeup. 

OMG i wanna go shopping now!!!!

Có x


  1. These too are all my shopping habits! Cant resist any of them!

  2. ASOS will be the end of me. I constantly update my wishlist over there and there are so many things to choose from!


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