Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar waters have been featuring in loads of bloggers monthly favourites but as someone who is more of a foaming wash kinda gal I was again a bit slow to jump on the bandwagon until Joanne of Lovely Girlie Bits sold the idea to me (not literally)!

I found during the summer with no hot water in the taps I was getting lazy about my morning washing my face routine, and I also felt that using LRP effeclar (review here) might be a bit harsh so cue the micellar water as a quick fix to get rid of all the yukiness in the morning.

Nuxe is a brand I don't know all that much about (but I am learning) but what I do know is this was love at first use. Basically you only need a small amount on a cotton pad and it cleanses the face (it will also remove makeup if you wish to use it for that). It contains rose petals so smells delish and feels fab on the face. It doesn't leave my eyes stingy or my face feeling tight, it simply and brilliantly makes my skin feel awake.

This cost me €15 in my local Doc Morris chemist and it is a product I will 100% be repurchasing.

Any other Nuxe recommendations for me?

Có x

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