Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Positives about blogging : SBBC Day 4

I first began blogging when I was miserable living in London and I quickly realised that speaking to people I had 'met' online as opposed to real people was sometimes the better option. 

Blogging has allowed me to have a secret-ish life from my 'real' life friends, I write about things that they may not necessarily be interested in hearing about but its nice to know some random person in the internet universe will read it!

I have met some lovely girls at events, and have pushed my boundaries with regarding entering rooms full of strangers (which is still something that makes me sweat at even the thoughts of it).

Blogging has given me a new found confidence of sorts, I am not afraid to be completely myself in my blog or when I am speaking to other bloggers whether that is through twitter or in comments. It has made me realise that people are for the most part nice, and that these complete strangers like me for what I write and tweet and that my friend is a nice feeling to have. 


psssttt... If you wanna know what SBBC is then click here


  1. That's lovely. It is really hard to push yourself, I definitely get the sweaty-entering-a-roomfull-of-people-you-don't-know thing too and blogging is great for that. x


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