Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What I bring on my travels - SBBC Day 3

I originally thought I would do this as a cosmetic post but once I got thinking about it, I could easily do without makeup if I was travelling long haul. Short weekend breaks are a different story but for the purposes of this post I want to tell you the most important item when travelling (long haul) in my opinion is a travel diary. 

I wasn't too sure what I was gonna fill this with when I first took off and there are no guidelines, write what you feel like writing!

I got myself one of these paper blanks as its a hardcover therefore less likely to get ruined in a backpack, and looks fab too. You can get them online and in Easons for about €15. 

via paperblanks.com

I used the same travel diary for Thailand, Oz, Alaska and Canada. It is full of the funny stories, the ups and downs, the shitty places I stayed in, the amazing places I stayed in, and the fantastic people I met along the way. Travel diaries are simply a fantastic way of holding on to the memories you may start to forget.

If you are off on your travels, get yourself a diary. I intend on getting a new one for my weekend breaks so I can remember those stories in years to come too!!

Có x

pssttt... if you wanna know what the heck SBBC is click here


  1. That's a great idea! Must be lovely to have a proper record of your travels like that, it's so easy to forget things.

  2. Fab idea, I was reading this and just remembered that I did keep a diary of my travels in Thailand and Oz... so yaay for me and thanks for reminding me :)


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