Monday, 2 September 2013

Zara Woman - complete dupe for Lady Million

I was browsing through the smellies section in zara a while back and couldn't put my finger on it what one of the scents was like, and then the penny dropped - Ah ha its only flipping Lady Million by Paco Rabanne - one of my faves!

Couldn't believe how much of a dupe this Zara one was so of course I had to have it. I purchased the 100ml bottle for €15 - YES FIFTEEN QUID.

As I have mentioned before I am not the best at describing perfumes so here is my best shot: a deep but feminine smell that you just wanna eat up. I don't have anything else to compare it to so get your noses sniffing in Debenhams/boots/Zara the next time your out and about.

The scent of Zara Woman doesn't last as long as the real thing as it eau de toilette as opposed to eau de parfum, but for €15 I think we can forgive this.
I'm not a huge fan of the bottle, but then again I'm not a huge fan of the
lady million bottle either.

I am als a little bit afraid I will smash an expensive bottle of perfume in my handbag but with this the fear is gone, if it smashed so what, it wont break the bank.

We all know the mark up on perfumes is astronomical so if you are looking for a new smell that wont cost you the earth why not pop in to zara as they have a whole array of gorgeous perfumes at the moment.


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