Friday, 11 October 2013

Sneak Peak @ the Bieber Collection for Essence

Essence are really fantastic at pleasing the masses with their 'on trend' collections at affordable prices, previous collections featured were Snow White and Twilight. 

The latest one to hit our shelves will be 'Beauty Beats' - girls on tour with Justin Bieber. 

Yes beliebers I did say JUSTIN BIEBER!

As much as I hate to admit it, this 19 year old Canadian is quiet catchy, and if I was a few years younger I no doubt would have an obsession!

So here is a preview of whats in the collection which is due to hit shops this month and next! 

I think this collection is fun and fresh and I reckon stands in Pennys will be ravaged by beliebers! I will def be grabbing the nail polishes, serious steal buy @ only €3.09!



  1. Im liking the look of the shimmer powder, even if JB is attatched to the collection

  2. That really bright pink blush looks interesting!

  3. They look interesting especially the shimmer powder, but since I HATE that little knob with such a passion I will pass on this collection... Although I may cave and get a nail polish for my Daughter who is unfortunately a bit of a fan...

  4. I like the shimmer powder and blusher!


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