Friday, 29 November 2013

Homemade/DIY Christmas Jumpers

Last year I decided to jump on the Christmas jumper bandwagon but I didn't want to have the same as anyone else so decided to make my own (not from scratch, i don't have that much time!).

Home Alone is my fave Christmas film so i decided to go down that route! I also made an Elf one!!

So here's what I needed:

Bought a bog standard jumper from the men's section in pennys
Felt in different colours from the fabric shop
Fabric glue - you can get this in Art and Hobby as well as fabric shops. 
Old White t shirt - you can substitute this with a pillow case, sheet, any white material basically.
Battery powered fairy lights
Transfer paper from Tesco.
Printed letters to use as stencils.
Picture of Kevin sourced online.
Pen or pencil to draw letters on the felt.

So here's what I did:

1. I drew out the letters on the felt using the printed letters, and cut them all out. It is a good idea to do this back to front as if you use a dark maker you wont be able to see the outline.
2. Drew out a Christmas tree, you can use a stencil but i went free hand on it.
3. Print the picture on to the transfer paper (more detailed instructions are on the packet)
4. Iron the picture from the transfer paper to the white material.
5. Cut out the picture to shape required.
6. Lay out the letters and start gluing them on.
7. Use a heavy book and allow the letters to dry over night ideally.
8. Lay out the fairy lights where you need/want them and sew in to place. Don't forget to bring the battery pack on the inside of the jumper. I did this by making a small hole and dragging the lights through it. 
9. Sew Christmas tree in to place over the fairy lights, and using the scissors pierce some holes to pop the fairy lights out of.
10. Glue the photo in place. Again use a heavy book to set this in place. You can also sew it on if you prefer to do so.

And there are the finished products!! 

If you have made your own jumper I would love to have a nose at it!! Link me!

Có x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Clear Skin - Something I thought I would never see!

My skin has been particularly bad over the past number of months, and tbh at 27 I thought I was over the worst of it. I have been sporting loads of angry red sore spots, clogged pores, and the general look of congestion.

With so many products available it is very easy to get lost and come out the other side not having a clue what will work for you. Caroline Hirons blog has really opened my eyes on how to look after my skin, and sure I thought I was doing a great job up to now (hahahahah)! 

I have been using foaming face washes for the last number of years, CH explains that these foaming face washes actually break down the armour of the skin making it the 'perfect breeding ground'. I was also avoiding oil as I thought this would just make the acne worse, but again CH explains how plant/natural oils are indeed good for the skin. Exfoliating was something I was avoiding as I had it in my head that I would just aggravate the skin and make it worse, CH tells us how to avoid those gritty exfoliants and use topical ones that contain glycolic and salicylic acid. Oh ye, you might also need a little supplement boost such as fish oils. Hydration was another hot topic on beauty blogs, your skin can be hydrated underneath its oily appearance.

So baring all the above in mind, and taking advice from the lovely ladies over on, the past two/three weeks (yes i know its a relatively short space of time) my skin has had a complete overhaul, and I can happily tell you with a mahoosive smile on my face that the skin on my face is nearly clear (touches wood x100 times). So here is what I have been doing/using to whip it in to shape:

Cleanser: Úna Brennan Vit C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil - rub about a 50c piece size of oil all over face then rinse with hot face cloth.
Toner: Eau Precise
 (A friend I met through was incredibly generous in sending me a sample size of this to try before I forked out, the kindness of strangers is incredible) - I don't think this is readily available in Ireland so I will probably switch it for the Clarins Exfoliating Toner or Paulas Choice when I run out. 
Hydration: Hydralauron - use a pea sized amount of this and rub in all over face
Moisturiser: Olay Complete Defense SPF 15 - rubbing this all over face and on to neck

Cleanser: (as soon as I get in the door from work) - Clinque Take off the Day Balm - use a small amount and massage in to face - wash off with hot face cloth.
Toner: same as above
Oil: Trilogy Rosehip Oil - three drops rubbed in to chin and cheeks -review here
Moisturiser: Bia Beauty Skin Superfood - review here

Fish Oil Tablet: Boots Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg
WATER WATER WATER: drink pints of the stuff!!! (be prepared to wee every 20mins!)

Twice a week:
Exfoliator: Paula's Choice 8% AHA Gel Exfoliant - use 20c piece amount and rub in to face and neck, leave on. (the same lady sent me a sample size of this, again thank you so much)
Face masks 1. :  Origins Out of Trouble - use this on the areas that need a bit of calming - rinse off with 
Face Mask 2. : No. 7 Pore Vacuum Mask - I use about three days before/after the Origins one - I don't peel this off like the instructions say, I cleanse off with a hot face cloth, then follow with toner and trilogy oil.

The one thing I am missing, and will be getting by the end of week is SPF. SPF 15 is just not strong enough for my pasty Irish skin!

Ok so that's its in a nutshell. It might seem pretty extensive but the effort is most defiantly worth it.

I will do individual posts on each of the products mentioned above in the coming few weeks, but if you do have any questions on them, leave a comment below and I will answer as best I can.

If you like having a nose at peoples skin care routines, be sure to check out where the lovely Laura shares her step by step. 

My next step is going to be a big change - giving up dairy. I have read so many articles on the negative effects dairy can have on the body/skin, I will update you as I go along. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bargin Stocking Fillers/Secret Santa ¦ Essence

All I want for Christmas is..... 

More stocking fillers/secret santa buys for you today, and they are guaranteed to not break the bank!! Essence are really on the ball with their collections, if you have not tried them before, get down to your local pharmacy or Penny's to give them a go!

Eyeshadow €2.49 - Falsies €3.09
Nail Sweets €2.49 - Hair bobble €1.59 
Snowflake topper €2.49 - Blush Stick €2.89 -Nail polish duo €3.49

I will defo be picking up the nail polishes, sparkles, sure how could ye go wrong!

Essence were kind enough to send me the nail sweets to try so keep an eye on my instagram (find me - coco_oscarwells) for pics! 

Có x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Stocking Fillers with Catrice ¦ Budget Buys

If you are at a loss for stocking fillers that come in on budget then this lot 
might be right up your street! 
I have mentioned Catrice previously on the blog and I will defo be picking up 
a few bits of theirs (for myself!!) this Christmas! 
Quality of the products are defo not compromised with the purse friendly price tags!

Oh hello festive nails:
Catrice nail varnish's are my go to, the colours are always fantastic and have brill lasting power too!

For those eyes and brows:
This nude palette is a fantastic dupe for a certain raved about palette (you all know which one), and is great for taking your day look to night look for those after work drinks!

€5.49 & €4.49

We have all gone brow crazy (thanks Cara) and I can confirm that this little gem is a must have for all brow lovers, it is simply the biz!!! 


Again I can confirm that these lip crayons are fantastic, I have one on my desk at all times and they give lots of colour as well as moisture and shine. Get the mistletoe at the ready!


Arts Collection: 

Finally if you wanna try a little bit of everything this great compact comes in three different shades ranges. It includes 6 shadows, blush, highlighter and a black eyeliner!

Catrice is available in pharmacies nationwide, Dunnes and Pennys.

Happy Shopping/Self Gifting!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Gifts from Bia Beauty ¦ Buy Irish

I previously blogged here about Bia Beauty, another fantastic Irish company who have a fantastic array of gift sets this Christmas.

Bia Beauty, 100% Natural Products, are available to order online (with very reasonable delivery rates) and also in store in Avoca.  

Helping Hands €25 : Lemon Myrtle Handwash and Lemon Myrtle Lotion

Mother and Baby €45 : Eye Gel, Body Butter, and Baby Cream.

Bitesize €9.95 : 10ml of Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser, Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser, Skin Superfood, Stop the Clock Eye Gel

Feed your Skin €80 :  Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser, Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser, Stop the Clock Eye Gel, Apple Blossom Body Butter, Detox Body Scrub.

Scrub your Skin €35 : Detox Body Scrub and Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser

I think there is something for everyone here, and am super excited to pick up the Bitesize set myself as I am yet to try some of the products. 

Head over to Bia Beauty to read up more on each product mentioned above and be sure to sign up to their newsletter for special offers etc.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Pixy Natural Skincare : Giftsets under €20

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to get the ball rolling 
and get on top of those pressies.

Let me introduce you to Pixy Natural Beauty Products - natural handmade products made in Ireland with "no nasty parabens, no SLS, no ingredients made from animals and we don't test them on animals"

If you have a certain someone on the gift list that likes to look after their body and indulge in baths, scrubs, creams etc well have a goo at these fantastic gift sets all coming in at under €20.

Starting at the top and working clockwise we have:

Pixy Indulge Gift Box : Lavender Bath Bomb, Honeysuckle Soap  Lime Body Scrub Cubes, Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts

Pixy Pedi: cocoa-butter-drenched solid foot scrub and peppermint foot cream.

Pixy Enjoy Gift Box:  Bath Bomb,  Honeysuckle Soap  Lime Body Scrub Cubes Muscle Soothing Bath Salts.

Teddy & Bath Bomb: various colors depending on the bath bomb.

Mini Bath Bomb Set: five different bath bombs.

Pixy Tempting Gift Set: Scented heart-shaped gentle soap two mini bath bombs, a lip balm and lime body scrubs(that come in the shape of 4 hearts) Temptation has never looked so innocent!

FYI the lime cubes are fantastic at removing fake tan!

There is an array of products over on the Pixy site, they are super fast at shipping and its free on all orders over €10 in Ireland! You will also find a list of stockists nationwide that you can go in and have a browse!

Its nice to support our own so Buy Irish where possible!