Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Bargin Stocking Fillers/Secret Santa ¦ Essence

All I want for Christmas is..... 

More stocking fillers/secret santa buys for you today, and they are guaranteed to not break the bank!! Essence are really on the ball with their collections, if you have not tried them before, get down to your local pharmacy or Penny's to give them a go!

Eyeshadow €2.49 - Falsies €3.09
Nail Sweets €2.49 - Hair bobble €1.59 
Snowflake topper €2.49 - Blush Stick €2.89 -Nail polish duo €3.49

I will defo be picking up the nail polishes, sparkles, sure how could ye go wrong!

Essence were kind enough to send me the nail sweets to try so keep an eye on my instagram (find me - coco_oscarwells) for pics! 

Có x


  1. I love the hair tie and the look of the blush stick.

  2. Love the look of the double ended nail polish and the blush stick looks great too!


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