Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Christmas Gifts from Bia Beauty ¦ Buy Irish

I previously blogged here about Bia Beauty, another fantastic Irish company who have a fantastic array of gift sets this Christmas.

Bia Beauty, 100% Natural Products, are available to order online (with very reasonable delivery rates) and also in store in Avoca.  

Helping Hands €25 : Lemon Myrtle Handwash and Lemon Myrtle Lotion

Mother and Baby €45 : Eye Gel, Body Butter, and Baby Cream.

Bitesize €9.95 : 10ml of Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser, Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser, Skin Superfood, Stop the Clock Eye Gel

Feed your Skin €80 :  Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser, Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser, Stop the Clock Eye Gel, Apple Blossom Body Butter, Detox Body Scrub.

Scrub your Skin €35 : Detox Body Scrub and Orange and Grapefruit Exfoliant and Cleanser

I think there is something for everyone here, and am super excited to pick up the Bitesize set myself as I am yet to try some of the products. 

Head over to Bia Beauty to read up more on each product mentioned above and be sure to sign up to their newsletter for special offers etc.

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