Friday, 29 November 2013

Homemade/DIY Christmas Jumpers

Last year I decided to jump on the Christmas jumper bandwagon but I didn't want to have the same as anyone else so decided to make my own (not from scratch, i don't have that much time!).

Home Alone is my fave Christmas film so i decided to go down that route! I also made an Elf one!!

So here's what I needed:

Bought a bog standard jumper from the men's section in pennys
Felt in different colours from the fabric shop
Fabric glue - you can get this in Art and Hobby as well as fabric shops. 
Old White t shirt - you can substitute this with a pillow case, sheet, any white material basically.
Battery powered fairy lights
Transfer paper from Tesco.
Printed letters to use as stencils.
Picture of Kevin sourced online.
Pen or pencil to draw letters on the felt.

So here's what I did:

1. I drew out the letters on the felt using the printed letters, and cut them all out. It is a good idea to do this back to front as if you use a dark maker you wont be able to see the outline.
2. Drew out a Christmas tree, you can use a stencil but i went free hand on it.
3. Print the picture on to the transfer paper (more detailed instructions are on the packet)
4. Iron the picture from the transfer paper to the white material.
5. Cut out the picture to shape required.
6. Lay out the letters and start gluing them on.
7. Use a heavy book and allow the letters to dry over night ideally.
8. Lay out the fairy lights where you need/want them and sew in to place. Don't forget to bring the battery pack on the inside of the jumper. I did this by making a small hole and dragging the lights through it. 
9. Sew Christmas tree in to place over the fairy lights, and using the scissors pierce some holes to pop the fairy lights out of.
10. Glue the photo in place. Again use a heavy book to set this in place. You can also sew it on if you prefer to do so.

And there are the finished products!! 

If you have made your own jumper I would love to have a nose at it!! Link me!

Có x


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) it went down well last year!!

  2. That's looks fab, Well done lady. Will you be sporting it this year of have ya a new one in the making?

    1. gonna do another one this year vicki :) x

  3. They look so cool! I might considering doing this as everywhere I go Christmas jumpers are sold out :(

  4. They are EPIC!! Love this idea so much x


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