Monday, 6 January 2014

How to remove shellac at home..

If like me you don't have time to get to the beauticians to get Shellac off, here is how you can do it yourself at home. 

What you will need:
Nail polish remover that DOES contain acetone (I use the lidl own brand one)
Kitchen towel
Tea spoon

How to:
Put enough nail polish remover in bowl so that your nails can soak
Have kitchen towel in place for when you take your hand out and have spoon at the ready
Soak (one hand at a time) nails in the remover for about 10 mins.
Straight after taking them out scrape the shellac off with the teaspoon on to the kitchen towel. If it doesn't all come off stick them in again for another few mins and repeat!
Repeat on the other hand.

This is a tedious job if your some one who cant sit still for long but it works and means your nails aren't damaged when the shellac is completely gone.

My nails were done by Sharon @ Sharon's Urban Escape btw! Couldn't recommend her highly enough!

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  1. I got gel nails done recently and have been resisting so hard to pick at them and take the polish off! Finally getting an appt tomorrow to get them re-done!


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